Chapter 6

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Chanyeol's POV

I was wiping off the spit from when that obnoxious girl spat on me.

"She's going to wish she never did that" I growled.

"Hyung, did you hear the part where she said she's different? What a joke!" Sehun laughed loudly while clutching his stomach. 'I'm going to torture you now mysterious girl. Just you wait' I thought to myself.

We decided to walk around a bit before heading to class. The situation that happened earlier keeps replaying in my head. Not to mention another situation that arose where baekhyun almost got his arm broken from two male students we bumped into. Actually now that I think about it, one of them looked familiar. Where have I seen him before? C'mon Chanyeol think! Wait a second.... He must be that girl's brother! They looked alike no doubt about it. This is some nice information to know.

"Chanyeol? Why do you have an evil grin on your face? What are you up to?" Kris asked. I didn't even realize that I was grinning.

"Oh don't worry about. Let's just go to class." I replied.

Only Luhan, Sehun, and I had the same period 2 class which was science. I opened the door already knowing that we were going to get lecture about how we shouldn't be late to class and etc. I stopped in the doorway when I saw someone familiar sitting in the row near the back.


Ugh, why is science so boring! Just as I was about to daydream about going home, someone whispered my name from two seats to my left. I glanced over to see Yerin mouthing the word sorry and ending in a pout. I rolled my eyes and focused my attention to the teacher who was now yelling at someone for being late. My eyes widened in shock when I saw the person who she was yelling at. Oh my god.... It was that Chanyeol guy who I spat on earlier with two other members from his gang. He was glaring right at me and I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"Park Chanyeol are you even listening to me!?" Mrs. Lee shouted.

"Why are you so annoying?" He replied back clearly annoyed. The whole class fell silent because no one talked back to the teachers here. Mrs. Lee had her mouth open in shock and I could tell she was at a loss for words.

Chanyeol started walking down the aisle near my row. My heartbeat quickened in fear. To my surprise he walked right past me and went to go sit in the back with his other two members.

I watched Mrs. Lee while stifling a laugh at how flustered she looked.

"C c class, it is now a study hall." She stuttered while gathering her things.

The class cheered. I heard some girls gossiping about Chanyeol. Speaking of which, I slightly turned my head around to sneak a peek at him. He had his feet crossed on top of his desk and leaned his head back on the wall behind him. He was sleeping.

"Daebak!! Your so cool man! No one has spoken to a teacher like that before!" Bambam spoke enthusiastically. He was also one of the members from got7. Chanyeol opened an eye to look at him.

"Go steal someone's lunch money for me ok?" He muttered lazily.

Every single person stopped talking once they heard what Chanyeol said and turned to look at Bambam.

"What?" He asked slightly confused.

Chanyeol was fully awake by now. He grabbed Bambam's chair and pulled it from underneath him causing Bambam to fall flat on his back on the floor. The class stayed quiet. Chanyeol then got up and crouched down near Bambam. He raised a hand and slapped him across the face.

"I don't like repeating myself." Was all that Chanyeol said. I got up from my seat and went over to go help Bambam up.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" I mumbled. He heard me.

"If I were you I'd stop getting on my bad side before you end up like him. I haven't forgotten about earlier also." He said through gritted teeth. I felt my heartbeat quicken again. I didn't reply and instead took Bambam to the nurse.

This might be my longest chapter so far? Idk, are my chapters too short? Tell me if they are. Oh yeah and sorry Bambam!! He's actually my bias in got7 lol. He was just the first person who popped up in my head while writing this.

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