Chapter 8

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Here you go as promised:

(Y/n) POV:

Finally home. I hugged Yerin before closing the door on her. While closing my eyes, I leaned against the door. Today was horrible! Why why why, did they feel the need to pick on me? Was it a mistake to protect Yerin? No, she's one of my best friends. I slid down and hugged my knees to my chest while putting my head down wishing exo would just disappear. The thought of facing them again tomorrow in school had me sobbing.

Suga's POV

"I'm going to bed now!" I yelled to the others.
"But hyung, its only 7:00" Jungkook yelled in frustration. I just waved him off. He was frustrated because I kept refusing to play a game with him.

I casually walked by the front door and up the stairs when i heard someone quietly sobbing.
"Kookie?" I questioned as i headed back down the stairs. To my surprise it was (y/n).
"Hey kiddo, whats wrong?" I kneeled down next to her while rubbing her back.


I looked up to see a worried Suga looking at my now tear stained face.

"Suga, i i" I started sobbing again.

"Shh its ok" He said while wiping away my tears.

"Suga, please come play with me- whoa. Noona? Whats wrong? Girl problems?" Jungkook asked clearly confused. Suga rolled his eyes and lifted me up. He took me into his room and sat me on top of his bed.

"Alright speak now" He said gently. Everyone assumes that Suga is the type of guy who doesn't care about anything. They think he has no emotions. Even though Suga acts like he could care less about anything, when it comes to his friends and family, he's always there to help and he cares deeply. Suga is honestly like a second brother to me and after Jhope, I'm the closest with him.

After I explained everything to Suga, he just sat there in silence, I'm guessing he was taking this all in. Suga then got up and started stretching. He looked really angry.

"Uhm Suga? What are you doing?" I asked while wiping off the tears that still remained on my face.

"I'm going to go teach those guys a lesson. What else what I be doing?" He stated while walking out of the room.

"Suga no! You'll only make things worse!" I yelled after him. Just before he left I grabbed a hold of his arm.

"Suga its fine"

"Yeah right" He scoffed shrugging off my hand.

"Suga, im serious. Its nothing. Please don't" I pleaded. If Suga went and fought them than it will just make exo hate me even more.

He gave me one last long look before shutting the front door.

"Board game?" I asked already knowing the answer. He rolled his eyes which made me giggle.

"You should go to bed" He yawned. I nodded and went to my room.

"Suga wait" I said just as I heard his bedroom door open. He peeked his head into my room and raised an eyebrow. I walked over and gave him a big hug. He was shocked and almost fell back.

"Thank you for everything. Oh and please don't tell Jhope about what happened."

He smiled and pulled away to grab my shoulders gently.

"Alright and if they bother you again, just come and tell me." He stated firmly. "Now goodnight" he gave me a kiss on the forehead before leaving my room.

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