Chapter 35

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Chanyeol's POV:

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up.

"Where am I?" I mumbled tiredly as I scanned the room. 'Oh right..' I thought to myself before stretching and rubbing my eyes gently. I made my way downstairs to see my father yelling at someone over the phone. I rolled my eyes since this was most likely a usual thing for him here.

"Chanyeol where on earth do you think your going?" My father shouted as he slammed the phone on the table. He was probably just trying to release his anger on me.

"Uhm school where else?" I rolled my eyes once again before slipping on my sneakers.

"Who are you rolling your eyes at?!" He raised a hand to smack me but I quickly grabbed his wrist before he could.

"I'm not a little kid anymore. You can't hurt me" I growled fiercely while staring into his eyes. I could see he was struggling to try and find something to say. I let go off his hand and walked out the door towards (y/n)'s house to walk her to school.

~Time Skip~

"Your so gorgeous babe. How did I get so lucky as to have someone like you in my life?" I continuously kept complimenting her.

"Chanyeol stop it" She shoved me away slightly pretending to look annoyed but I could see her blushing slightly.

"Why? Are you feeling embarrassed?" I mocked as I poked her cheek. She sighed in defeat and looked up at me.

"My boyfriend is such a hottie! He is literally the definition of a prince! Chanyeol are you from Tennessee? Because your the only ten I see" She recited some cheesy lines and gave me a taste of my own medicine.

"Alright alright I get it you dork" I grinned feeling shy from her sudden compliments. She gasped and pulled her hand free from mine.

"Did you just call me a dork?" She pretended to look hurt. I began to start laughing as she crossed her arms around her chest.

"Oh so now you think this is a joke?" She frowned as she walked away from me.

"Aigoo" I laughed as I jogged to catch up to her. She refused to look back at me but I could tell she was trying her best to not laugh.

"I'm sorry princess" I speak walking besides her once again. She tilted her head away from me being stubborn jokingly. Just then an idea popped into my head. I sneakily walked behind her.

"Oh how could I ever make it up to you?" I back hugged her while whispering in a husky deep voice into her ear. She tried to walk faster but I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, still behind her.

"Maybe something like this?" I whispered as I slowly began to move my hand down from her waist.

"Chanyeol!" She shouted while stopping my hands from moving any further and quickly moving away from me. She began to look all flustered and I couldn't help but burst out laughing at her reaction. We didn't even realize that we had already arrived at the school. She stomped her right foot in frustration as her cheeks changed color.

"I'm sorry" I apologized as I took her bag from her back and carried it. She smirked clearly satisfied and we began to walk inside the school.

All eyes landed on us and mouths dropped open as (y/n) and I walked into the school together hand in hand. We stopped by her locker and I helped her place her items neatly inside.

"So you two are letting the school know your officially a couple?" Yerin stopped by (y/n)'s locker while sucking on a lollipop as Jackson wrapped his arm around her.

"Yeah it's about time we did" I answered. (Y/n) pulled Yerin aside and they started to talk about girl things. Jackson began to whistle as we stood there in awkward silence.

"Soooo" He attempted to start a conversation.

"Your dating my girl's best friend and I'm dating her's... funny right?" He awkward laughed as I awkwardly chuckled.

"Bro let's not make this awkward. If they're friends then we should be too" He stuck out his hand. I nodded my hand in agreement and grabbed Jackson's hand to start shaking it. To my surprise he pulled me into a vicious hug and patted my back.

"Your a good man" I heard him say. 'This kid is crazy!' I thought to myself after quickly breaking away from his hug. We stood there in a few more moments of awkward silence until we heard the girl's walking towards us.

"So do you think these jeans make my butt look too big?" Yerin turned around to (y/n).

"No your butt looks fine girl" We heard (y/n) say.

"Aw really? Thanks, so does yours" Yerin replied as they finally stood in front of us. Jackson and I raised an eyebrow at each other.

"We're back!" (Y/n) beamed at me before slightly tugging at my arm. She quickly hugged Yerin goodbye.

"Was good talking to you Chanmaster 5,000" Jackson reached over and patted my shoulder as (y/n) and Yerin giggled. I faked a smile and quickly pulled (y/n) closer to me and started walking away.

"I also think your butt looks fine" I smirked looking down at her.

"Chanyeol!" She shouted in frustration and embarrassment once again. I laughed and put up both of my hands in defeat.

"Alright alright I'll stop" We continued walking.

As I walked her to her first class, exo was heading our way. (Y/n) began to smile at them.

"Hey guys!" She waved at Suho and everyone else. She probably thinks that they like her now since I lied to her and told her that they were ok with our relationship. They glared at me before switching over to glare at (y/n) who slowly stopped waving and brung her hand down to her side.

"C'mon let's go" I mumbled as I grabbed her wrist and directed her towards her class.

"Chanyeol-" She began to say until I gently nudged her into the class.

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