Chapter 21

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Chanyeol's POV:

I walked into the roller rink and spotted out (y/n) who just finished putting on her skates.

"Chanyeol!" She waved. I started walking towards her after renting a pair of roller skates for myself. She gave me a hug.

"O oh I'm so sorry" She muttered after pulling away. We both started to turn a rosy pink color.

"Let's start" I broke the awkward silence. 'I sure hope Luhan's right. I hope the scenario he imagined comes true'.

As soon as I stepped onto the rink I was wobbly. I held onto the edge of the rink so that I wouldn't fall.

"Need help?" (Y/n) skated towards me perfectly. My mouth fell open. She giggled at my expression and offered a hand. Shyly, I reached out and held it.

"Alright just follow my lead" She instructed. 'This is the other way around' I mentally groaned to myself. While holding hands, she started teaching me a little bit on how to roller skate.

"How are you so good at this?" I asked while looking at her feet and tried to mimic her moves.

"I use to go roller skating all the time with my family. Jhope's the best at it though." She answered. Then without warning, (y/n) skated to a stop and turned to face me.

"Now you try it" She smiled.

"By myself?"

"You'll be fine" She then let go of my hand. Slowly I started to skate. To my surprise, I was doing it.

After awhile we decided it was time to stop since our toes started to hurt.

"Your better than me!" (Y/n) exclaimed.

"You don't have to lie to try and get me to feel better" I joked.

"Whatever. Hey, I'm kinda hungry" She laughed.

"You are? If you want we could go to-"

"I want to go to a fancy  restaurant and order spaghetti." She folded her arms across her chest. Obviously she was kidding.

"Why? So that you can start eating at the other end of the spaghetti I currently have so that you could sneak a kiss?" I joked. She cupped her cheeks and playfully hit my chest.

"No!" She stated defensively. I reached over and ruffled her hair.

"Relax. Are you still hungry? We could still go get that spaghetti you know" I winked. She glared at me.

"Chanyeol stop being such a tease" She pouted. I started laughing even harder.

"And I'm not hungry. I was just kidding" She told me.

"So talk to me" I sat down at one of the tables.

"About?" She walked over and sat across from me.

"Yourself." I smiled. She rested her chin in her hands.

"I'm kinda boring to be honest. But my parent's are out of town and I'm currently living with the famous boy group Bts who are all like brothers to me. Jhope is my actual brother though." I explained to him.

"That's pretty cool" I told her. She nodded her head.

"Your turn" She pointed a finger at me.

"Well I'm in a gang named exo obviously, my family- uhm never mind that. But anyways I play acoustic guitar and the piano." I told her. She clapped her hands together and squealed.

"You play acoustic guitar and piano? Are you self taught?" She excitedly asked. I nodded my head causing her to give me a huge grin.

"I've always wanted a boyfriend who could play the piano or the acoustic guitar. I don't know why but I just find it so attractive. And the fact that you play both of those instruments-" She stopped herself as soon as she realized what she said.

"So you find me attractive?" I ran a ran a hand through my hair seductively and bit my lip.

"Yah!" She exclaimed.

"I'm just joking with you." I chuckled. She gave me a frown.

"Well now you have to play the guitar for me." She stared.

"Right now?" I asked in disbelief.

"Take the guitar from your house and play it in the park." She started to stand up.


"Please!" She gave me puppy eyes. I sighed and started to walk out as she cheered in victory.

(Y/n)'s POV:

I sat on an empty bench in the park waiting for Chanyeol. I started thinking about how he hesitated when he mentioned his family but I decided not to ask him about them. Today was one of the best day's ever. I've never had that much fun with someone before. When I was with Minho at the cafe today, it was average compared to this evening with Chanyeol I'm currently having. 'Am I falling for him?'.

"No your not. What a silly thought" I thought out loud.

"What's a silly thought?" Chanyeol walked over and sat next to me on the bench with his acoustic guitar. I quickly became flustered.

"I was just thinking about getting a dog but then I realized that it would be silly since my parent's probably wouldn't allow it" I lied. He paused and then shrugged.

"Now let me hear you" I changed the subject.

He started playing a piece which sounded absolutely amazing. I stared at him while he was playing and I just found him more and more attractive. He was so focused on the guitar and the tune he was playing, I loved that. I continued to watch him and before I knew it, he was done.

"Chanyeol that was beautiful!" I told him.

"I wrote it myself. Sometimes I get bored." He said nonchalantly as if it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Oh my god! Your so talented! That blew me away.... I really loved it" I spoke softly making eye contact with him.

He just shrugged and we continued staring into each other's eyes. I found him so dreamy. Slowly, we both started to lean in. Next thing I know, he was three centimeters away from my face. I closed my eyes. My heart was pounding so bad that I thought he could hear how loud it was. A vibration was what interrupted us. He quickly moved away. 'Aw man. We were so close!" I thought to myself angrily.

"Sorry" I apologized to him while hiding the disappointment in my voice.

"No it's fine. Jhope must be worried about you." He looked away. I checked my phone and saw that it wasn't Jhope who texted me.

"Oh it's not Jhope. It's my friend Minho" I put my phone on mute not bothering to respond to his message. I looked up to see Chanyeol grabbing his guitar.

"I see your busy. Well hope you had fun roller skating. Minho probably needs you right now" He walked off. I sat there confused at his words. 'What was that about?' I thought to myself. I was actually mad at myself for not turning my phone on mute. It was rude and idiotic.


I entered my house and let everyone know that I was home.

'We were about to kiss. But wait...why am I so disappointed. It's not like I wanted to kiss him.' I went into my room and locked the door. I smiled to myself once again as I thought about Chanyeol and how much fun I had today with him.

"I think I like Chanyeol"

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