Chapter 2

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We finally arrived at school right on time. My brother parted ways with me since he saw his friends from last year. I plugged in my headphones and started listening to Jay park solo ft Hoody.

"(Y/n)!" Someone shouted. I turned to see Jackson running towards me.

"Slow down" I chuckled. Jackson was from a group called got7. We met in kindergarten and we have been best friends since then.

"Hey, do we have any classes together?" He asked while panting heavily. I took out my schedule and compared it with his.

"Only English and algebra" I frowned. He smiled and replied with "Two is better than nothing."

I was still looking at my schedule, slowly getting confused. Because of the construction we had going on in our school, some classes got changed and moved around. There were now unfamiliar room numbers on my schedule.

Jackson put his arm around me and we both started walking to our homeroom talking about what happened over break.

"(Y/n)!" Another person screamed.

"Oh what now" I muttered.

My friend Yerin was racing towards me at full speed. She stopped right before she crashed into me and gathered me into a hug. Jackson cleared his throat after awhile and Yerin just glared at him before letting go.

"Did you hear the news?" She whispered.

"What news and why are you whispering?" I questioned.

"There are twelve boys who transferred into our school this year!" Yerin continued.

"Whoa twelve? And why does this concern me btw?" I asked yawning. She rolled her eyes.

"(Y/n), their all realllyyyy cute!!... But there's something you should know" she whispered. I raised an eyebrow and she took that as a sign to continue.

"Their in a gang called exo. This is the first ever gang we've had in this school! I know I shouldn't be excited over some huge bullies in our school who are in a gang but c'mon, bad boys can be really good looking" she finished with a wink.

"A gang!!??" I shouted. Yerin quickly put her hand over my mouth and shushed me.

"Yes now let's go look for them" She whispered excitedly.

"Yerin no, their bad news and we are not getting involved with them." I whispered harshly.

"But c'mon, your no fun" She whined. I took both of her hands in mine.

"Yerin promise me that your not going to get involved with them?" I asked.

"Ugh fine" She replied. I gave her one of my triumphant smiles.

"Let's go to period one then"

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