Chapter 12

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Chanyeol's POV:

My mouth was hung open in shock.

"Maybe I went too far this time?" I shook my head.

I looked around the cafeteria once more. I gotta admit, she did an amazing job. 'Maybe I should make it up to her' I thought.

"No, that's a silly idea. She doesn't want me talking to her" I thought out loud.

(Y/n)'s POV:

I threw my things on the floor as soon as I stepped into my house and ran upstairs into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and just thought about everything  that has happened to me today. A vibration broke me away from my thoughts. Turning over I noticed that Jhope's phone was resting on the side of the sink, a green light blinking from it.

"Weird" I muttered as I walked over and picked it up. A long time ago I saw Jhope type in his password when he thought that no one was around.

"Let's hope he didn't change it" I whispered while typing in password1. It worked! I was probably being nosy right now but hey, he was being a jerk to me earlier.

Man skipping class was fun! Let's do it again tomorrow? ;)

"Busted" I smiled. I grabbed his phone and skipped downstairs into the living room where Jhope and everyone else was staying.

"Oh Jhope!" I sang. He glanced over at me.

"Finally finished your punishment? Maybe now you learned your lesson" He smirked. I took out his phone and hummed to myself.

"Hey what are you doing with that?" He shouted. He walked over and tried to take it from me but I dodged him and held the phone behind my back.

"What's going on?" Jin asked.

"Oh I'll tell you! Jhope here has been skipping classes with Yugyeom. Isn't that right Jhope?" I asked.

"That's ridiculous! I would never do anything like that." He chuckled nervously.

"Oh really? This message says otherwise." I held up his phone revealing the text message Yugyeom had sent him. Jin got up and took the phone from my hands.

"Your not getting this back. Your also not allowed to go anywhere except school. And if I find out that you skipped class again so help me I will-"

"Ok ok I won't" Jhope interrupted. He ran up to his room after giving me a death stare. I simply shrugged and left the house to go for a walk.

I breathed in the fresh air. It was starting to get dark outside but I didn't mind.

"Good job (y/n), you got revenge. Better go reward myself" I stopped by a nearby ice cream shop.

"Small chocolate ice cream please" I ordered.

"(Y/n)?" Someone tapped my shoulder.
"Minho! Oh my god I'm sooo sorry about earlier today! I would've gone trust me except that rude guy Chanyeol-"

"It's fine really. We could always schedule another one" He chuckled.

"Here you go ma'am" The lady stated as I got out my wallet.

"I'll pay for her" Minho paid. He also gave a little tip to her.

"You didn't have to do that" I said shyly. He just shrugged and took a seat by a window. 'Does he want me to sit with him or?' I thought.

"Aren't you going to take a seat?" He slightly tilted his head in a confused matter.

"Oh me? Oh ok" I walked over and took the seat across from him.

"Why do you look so confused?" He laughed. I shrugged and started eating my ice cream before it melted. He watched me for a bit and started eating his ice cream too.

"Oh have something on your face" I joked. His cheeks turned red and he quickly grabbed a napkin.

"Where?" An embarrassed Minho asked. I reached over across the table and grabbed his ice cream.

"Right there!" I shoved some of the ice cream onto his nose.

"Haha very funny" He replied while wiping the vanilla ice cream off. I continued laughing and he couldn't help but laugh along.

"The look on your face was priceless" I grinned while getting up.

"Oh I'm so going to get you back" He grinned back.

Since it was getting dark, Minho insisted on walking me home. We stopped at my door.

"Well this is my house. I had fun today" I smiled.

"I had fun today too. We should hang out again sometime" He asked. I took a step closer and realized that his cheeks were getting red. I nodded my head.

"Well I should get going now. Bye (y/n)" He waved. I watched him walk away before stepping inside.

"Why are you smiling?" Namjoon asked.

"N no reason" I stuttered while turning around and racing towards my room. I threw myself onto the bed and smiled.

"Looks like something good did happen today"

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