Chapter 15

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Chanyeol's POV:

Me liking (y/n) that's insane....right? I grabbed my phone off of the desk near me to check the time. It was midnight. I mentally groaned. Baekhyun is probably right. I'm stressing over absolutely nothing.

"Tomorrow I'll just simply go up to her and apologize. I'll tell her that it was an accident because it honestly was. I'm not that mean-"
My thoughts were interrupted by a pillow flying and hitting me in the face.

"Shut up already" Baekhyun groaned. I rolled my eyes at him and laid back down. My hands were behind my head and I stared at the ceiling for a bit before finally trying to go to sleep.

(Y/n)'s POV:

I woke up exhausted. Yawning, I got up to go start my daily routine. I decided to go with a floral romper as my outfit for school today. My hair was let down into my natural curls.

"It's Friday!" I heard Jhope yell from his room. Friday? I cheered and ran downstairs to quickly eat my breakfast so I can get to school earlier than everyone else.

When the school was in view Jhope and I split ways, as usual. Checking the time, I realized that I had a couple of minutes to spare before my first class started so I made my way to the little bench which was located on the left side of the school building. It was usually empty which was perfect. I sat down and put in my white earbuds.

"Hmm who should I listen to? Oh I know!" I thought out loud.

I scrolled through my music and pressed on Dean Bonnie and Clyde. I started humming to myself while taking out a book to read. It was nice and peaceful, something I've hadn't experienced in awhile now.


I took out an earbud and looked up to see Chanyeol.

"I'm really sorry! Yesterday was an accident-"
I sighed and collected my things, shoving right past him. 'Excuses, excuses'.

"Hey, I'm trying to apologize here. Something I've hadn't done to someone in a long time" He stated in an annoyed tone while catching up to me.

"You never listen do you" I turned around. He tried to talk but I just cut him off.

"Let me make this clear one more time, stay out of my life Park Chanyeol" I glared. I then continued walking, leaving him standing right in that spot.

As I walked near the entrance of the building, I felt a pair of hands grab my arms. Bewildered, I turned to see Luhan and Sehun leading me to a secluded part of the school.

"What was that all about?" I asked while staring at the two.

"Hey uhm we just wanted to talk to you for a second." Luhan said shyly.

"Were friends right?" He asked.

"Yeah of course. You two are the only smart and sympathetic ones in that little group of yours" I smiled.

"Alright then hear us out." Sehun said. I nodded my head and let them talk.

"We saw what happened back there by the bench. Look believe it or not it was an accident." Sehun looked at me seriously. I simply scoffed at them.

"(Y/n), we've never seen him apologize to someone before. Maybe you shouldn't be so harsh on him ya know?" Luhan gave a slight smile. I looked at them both.

"You can't be serious right now?" Was all I managed to say. They both shrugged.

"He has caused me so much trouble! Now you expect me to just forgive him? Forget it!" I nearly shouted.

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