Chapter 22

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Chanyeol's POV:

I entered my bedroom quietly. I placed my guitar inside my closet. My roommate, Baekhyun, told me that he was going to sleep with Lay tonight since Chen was staying with a friend.

"How'd it go?" Sehun scared me once again.

"A little heads up there gosh." I scolded.

"Whatever, so tell me what happened!" He said excitedly. I told him how it went with a smile but as I neared the end, my smile started to fade.

"You clutz! You don't know how to roller skate?!" He started bursting out into laughter as he jumped into my bed. I smacked his knee.

"Alright alright I'll stop. But Chan, you almost kissed her!" He shouted.

"Shhh!" I shushed him. If the other members found out, they would most likely kill me.

"Almost...until Minho interrupted by texting her" I sighed. "I give up..."

"What no!" Sehun whisper yelled. He grabbed me by the collar.

"Don't you dare hyung. Are you seriously going to give up just like that? I thought you really liked her. Besides, since when do you give up so easily?" He looked me in the eyes.

"Of course I like her!! I haven't liked a girl like this in years!" And I just feel like she likes Minho.." I frowned.

"Chanyeol stop acting like this! She likes you for crying out loud! She called you attractive and boyfriend material! She-"

A loud vibration distracted us. Sehun raised a brow as I took out my phone.

Hey uhm....I really had fun today! I've never had this much fun before with someone. Your really talented. Anyways I was thinking that maybe we could hang out again? Only if you want to of course! If not then that's fine....

"Oh my god" I grinned to myself. I reread her text a second time to make sure it was real.

"Let me read that" Sehun snatched my phone away.

"Hyung this is amazing! She said she's never had that much fun with someone before, I told you she likes you and not Minho! Geez just listen to me sometimes! I may be the maknae but I can be helpful. Now hurry up and say you want to hang out with her!" He ordered.

Sure! I had a really fun day today too :)

"Thanks a lot" I beamed at the maknae before giving him a huge hug.

"No problem, I just know how much you really like (y/n) and I really want you guys to start dating" He yawned while slowly exiting the room.

"You know Sehun, you really don't act like the maknae" I told him while taking off my hoodie.

"That's what I keep telling everyone! When will people ever start listening to me" He left my room complaining. I chuckled as I climbed into bed. Since it was really hot, I decided to sleep shirtless.

'I'm going to ask her out the next time we hang out. She's the only one for me. We almost kissed!' Just thinking about that made me squeal a bit into my pillow. I quickly cleared my throat because I was acting a bit girlish.

"Sehun says she likes me and maybe she does! I just need to hope she says yes..." My eyelids started getting heavier and heavier. Before I knew it, I went to sleep, dreaming about (y/n).

*Next Day*

"Guys I say that instead of going to school today, we go to the movies" Suho proclaimed.

Everyone agreed with the idea and cheered except for me. Now that I have (y/n) in my life, I actually look forward to going to school. Even though we can't talk in school, I still enjoy watching her. The way she diligently works whenever the teacher passes out a worksheet. The way she runs a hand through her hair with a frown whenever she's stuck on a question. The way she sneaks glances at me-

"Park Chanyeol!" Suho yelled. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts to see a very angry Suho standing before me.

"What's on your mind that's so important you ignore me eh?" He snarled.

"Sorry I was uhm just thinking about which movie we should watch hyung" I apologized. Suho began to grin and then put an arm around me as he guided me towards the door.

"Ahh so that's what was on your mind?" He chuckled "We're going to go watch a horror movie. We'll decided which flim when we get there"

(Y/n)'s POV:

Where is he? Did Chanyeol and the rest of exo really decide to just ditch school today?

"Why the long face?" My ex best friend sat in the seat next to me. I rolled my eyes and ignored her presence.

"Look, I'm reallllly sorry (y/n). You and Chanyeol we're both right. Your my best frind, not Youngji, Eungjung, or anyone else. I should've believed you. I don't know what I was thinking! I really hope you can forgive me. If not....well then I guess I understand. I'm such an idiot! " Yerin apologized.

To be honest I missed Yerin. There were many times when I wanted to contact her to just talk with her and tell her what's happening. But it's not just her fault. It's also my fault. I blamed her for not trusting me when I'm her best friend but at the same time, best friends tell each other everything and I haven't even told her how Chanyeol, Luhan, Sehun and I became friends. I even went over their house and went rollar skating with Chanyeol...and almost kissed Chanyeol. She doesn't even know any of this.

"You may be an idiot at times but your my idiot" I laughed while gathering her into a hug.

"Feels good to have my best friend back" She laughed along and hugged me back.

"Yerin? I don't think I've been that good of a best friend lately" I broke the hug and made eye contact with her.

"What? If anything I haven't been that good of a best friend" She stated confused.

"'s just there are many things that I need to tell you about and I should've talked to you sooner instead of keeping them a secret since we're besties" I sighed.

"Is it about Chanyeol?" She whispered. I looked at her in shock. Does she know? If she knows about us hanging out then does that mean someone else knows?

"What do you mean?" I calmly asked her. She raised an eyebrow at me.

"We do need to talk" Was all Yerin said.

"Ok later on today come over my house. We will talk about everything there." I explained

"Oh yeah and Yerin? Earlier when you apologized to me you said that Chanyeol and I were right. Did Chanyeol say something to you?"

"He tried to walk with me after school but I refused. As I walked ahead of him I heard him explain how I was in the wrong and how I was being such a horrible best friend by not trusting the person who I've known since I was a child and have been through so much with. It was actually him who made me decide that I should really go apologize" She  smiled at me.

'What a sweetheart. He cares about me' I grinned to myself.

"Now back to my original question, why the long face?" She raised a brow. I looked back at the three empty desks behind me then faced Yerin again.

"Its nothing" I sighed.

"(Y/n), what happened to best friends tell each other everything huh?" She folded her arms.

"Ok fine I'll tell you later on when we hang out at my house ok?" I chuckled. She nodded her head and we both started to talk about silly things that happened to each other over the weekend.

"So, how are you and Jackson? Did he kiss you yet?" I threw her a wink.

"(Y/n)!" She gasped and smacked my arm. I started to laugh loudly as her face went a deep red.

Sorry for not updating in a long time! It's just that I'm actually on a vacation in Europe lol. Hoped you enjoyed this update!

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