Chapter 26

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Youngji's POV:

I pulled Eungjung towards me as I heard the exo members approaching. I made sure Chanyeol wasn't with them though.

"Move out of the way" I heard Suho push a student away.

I gave a disgusted look but quickly changed my facial expression as they came closer to us. I smoothed out my romper and stepped out of the corner with Eungjung stopping right in front of them.

"Move" Suho tried to walk to the right of me but I quickly stepped in front of him once again.

"Can we talk for a moment?" I gave him a sweet smile. He looked down at me and chuckled.

"Sorry we're not interested" Kyungsoo spoke up while shoving past me while his members followed.

"It involves your member Chanyeol" I called out without looking in back of me. I heard them whispering and then footsteps came from behind me.

"What about him?" Suho folded his arms. A small smirk started to form on my face as I gestured towards the doors leading outside of school.

Turning on my heels, I started walking with Eungjung outside as all of exo but Chanyeol started following me. He was probably with (y/n).

"Alright speak" Kyungsoo ordered with his deep voice. I took a few steps towards him.

"I'll make this fast. I believe your member Chanyeol is dating that student, you all know so well, (y/n)" I smirked. Kyungsoo and the rest of the members began to laugh.

"That devil?" Kyungsoo grinned.

"He would never" Baekhyun finished.

I looked at Eungjung and we both began to laugh also.

"Wait why are you two laughing?" They all began to ask.

"Because you guys really ARE blind! Their dating and you guys don't even know it. I have proof" I took out my phone and showed them photos of (y/n) and Chanyeol walking together.

"Heres one of my favorites" I exclaimed while showing them a photo of Chanyeol tucking a loose strand of hair behind (y/n)'s ear.

"No way..." Kyungsoo took my phone and examined it closely with wide eyes. As I glanced from each members shocked faces, I noticed something interesting.

"Sehun and Luhan, you've been quiet this whole time" I smirked and walked towards them. Their eyes immediately looked at the floor.

"Do you perhaps, know something that your other members don't?" I asked innocently while circling them. Slowly the other members started turning around to face them.

"Ahhh I see. Since you didn't reply I'm guessing that's a yes?" I shake my head in disappointment while standing behind Sehun and placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Do you guys even know where Chanyeol is right now?" I placed a finger on my chin pretending to think. All the members looked at each other and realized they had no idea where he was.

"I'll get going now" I smiled as I waved bye.

As soon as Eungjung and I entered the building we gave each other a high five.

"I say we get celebratory smoothies" Eungjung suggested.

Suho's POV:

We all stared at the backs of Youngji and Eungjung as they entered the school.

" you think what they said is true?" Kyungsoo asked. I though for a moment.

"It would explain his weird behavior. He's been defending her a whole lot lately. They were dating this whole time behind our backs" I spoke through clenched teeth.

"That backstabber!!" Xiumin yelled angrily.

"Let's go find him" I ordered before walking back into the school.

"Guys...I think Youngji was totally into me though" I heard Baekhyun say from behind me.

"Shut up" Lay punched him in the shoulder.

Chanyeol's POV:

I was in the hallway on the search for my members since I haven't seen them all day. Just as I was about to pull my phone out and call Suho, I saw them approaching me.

"There you guys are! I've been looking for you everywhere!" I smiled as I started walking towards them.

"We're you really? Or were you with your girlfriend" Suho growled as he forcefully grabbed my arm and dragged me outside.
He threw me against the wall and the other members stood behind him throwing me death glares and disgusted looks.

"You have been dating (y/n) this whole time and you didn't tell us!? How could you date the enemy!?" Suho half yelled. How did they find out!? Did Sehun tell them? I regained my posture and tried to keep calm.

"Hyung it's not what it looks like" I tried to explain.

"Hurry up and tell us everything then." He urged. I threw on a big triumphant smirk.

"Don't you remember? When we first met her she claimed she doesn't like any of us and that she's 'different from all the other girls'. I told her that she was going to eventually fall for me and she finally did!" I lied. Suho paused for a moment having a flashback.


"Yeah right, everyone cares about us. We just transferred here yet every girl is practically drooling over us, just like your friend here." Chanyeol stated while gesturing towards Yerin.

"Well I'm different from all of those girls. Now if you will excuse me I have a class to get to." (Y/n) turned on her heels taking Yerin with her.

"You say your different but at the end of the day, you'll end up falling for us just like the rest of those girls" Chanyeol said with an even bigger smirk than before.

~Flashback Over~

"I knew you would never date a girl as ugly and pathetic as her" Suho broke out into a grin as he wrapped an arm around me. The others let out a breathe of relief as they heard that it was all an act.

"Hyung you should know me by now" I nervously chuckled as he started to lead us back home.

(Y/n)'s POV:

"Where are you going?" My best friend asked curiously.

"I left my jacket on the bench outside. I'll be right back" I made my way out the back doors of the school towards the bench I previously sat on in the morning. Sure enough, my jacket was resting right on top of it.

"There you are" I muttered satisfied as I picked up the pastel pink jacket I had left.

I started heading back inside the school when an interesting conversation made me freeze in my tracks. Cautiously, I made my way towards the edge of the building and peered over to see what was going on. Suho was yelling at Chanyeol.

"You have been dating (y/n) this whole time and you didn't tell us!? How could you date the enemy!?" Suho half yelled.

I quickly covered my mouth. How did he know about us dating!? I know for a fact Chanyeol didn't tell anyone. I quickly ducked behind the edge of the building again as Xiumin glanced my way. I continued listening to their conversation holding my breath.

"Don't you remember? When we first met her she claimed she doesn't like any of us and that 'she's different from all the other girls'. I told her that she was going to eventually fall for me and she finally did!" I heard Chanyeol say triumphantly.

I leaned down against the wall while tears streaked my cheeks. I remember when he told me in the very beginning that he was going to make me fall for him. This was all a game the whole time and he's won. He was toying with me. I quickly stood up and angrily wiped the tears away.

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