Chapter 30

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(Y/n)'s POV:

I began to walk away from Youngji and into the school again when she tapped my shoulder.

"What is it Youngji-" I began to say until she slapped me across the face hard. I placed my hand on my cheek as my mouth fell open in shock.

"How dare you speak to me like that!" She yelled loudly while raising up her hand to smack me again.

I grabbed her wrist to stop her and I grew infuriated. I punched her across the face and pushed her so she fell to the ground. Youngji's nose began to bleed but she quickly got back up and tried to punch me but I dodged it. She took the opportunity to kick me in the stomach which caused me to stumble a few steps back.

I heard hundreds of footsteps sounding behind me but I didn't care. We both began to tackle and punch each other. I stood up and grabbed her by the collar and continued smacking her as she tried to pull my hair.

"Oh my goodness!" I heard a teacher shout from behind us. Just then I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and lift me up leading me away from Youngji.

"Let me down!" I screamed and started wiggling around in the stranger's arms.

I turned my head around to see who it was and felt my face flush red as I was face to face with Chanyeol. I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out. He sighed and let me down while walking away but I grabbed his arm this time.

"Chanyeol will you stop walking away and actually LISTEN to me?!" I pleaded feeling exhausted.

"Alright fine" He folded his arms and stared at me. I let out a breath of relief before continuing.

"I was being stupid alright. There I admitted it. I was just so scared that you were telling the truth to Suho that I wasn't thinking. And I just can't lose you ok? Your my first ever boyfriend and I really do like you and it breaks my heart whenever I see us not talking like this-" I began to ramble on and on until Chanyeol cupped my cheeks and brought my face closer to his.

"Relax, I forgive you. I feel the same way" He smiled and began to laugh. I broke into a huge grin and we began to hug.

It felt good to be in his warm embrace again. Unfortunately our hug ended short when a teacher walked over to where we were and grabbed my arm.

"I need you to go to the office. Right now" She replied with a stern look. I nodded my head and walked away from Chanyeol into the school.

She led me into the principles office where Youngji was already waiting. She glanced up at me and her eyes squinted with anger. I rolled my eyes and took a seat in the far left of the room.

"Alright can one of you two explain to me what happened?" The principal folded her hands together and placed them on her desk. I began to speak but Youngji interrupted and we began to yell back and forth with each other.

"Quiet! Your not in kindergarten anymore so stop acting childish!" She fixed her glasses while looking from me to Youngji. She got up, took a folder, and sat back down again.

"Lets see here.... (y/n) was it? And.... Youngji?" She spoke while skimming through a paper in the folder. We both nodded our heads as she took out a pen from her jacket pocket.

"You both are suspended from school for a week" She looked at us as our jaws dropped open.

"S s suspended?" I stammered.

"F f for a week?" Youngji also stuttered. The principal pointed to the door with an unchanging facial expression.

"Yes. You two chose to fight so there's your punishment. I do not tolerate violence in this school. Now would you please make your way out of my office?" She waved us out.

"Please reconsider your decision. I'm at the top of my class and suspensions will hurt my record and-" I begged.

"(Y/n) I have already made my decision now go" She instructed. I shuffled out of her office and went to my locker to grab my things.

Chanyeol was standing right in front of my locker with my purse on his arm. He was carrying it for me. I silently walked over and took it from him.

"What did she say?" He lifted my chin up to face him.

"I'm suspended from school for a week" I replied sadly. His phone dropped out of his hands.

"What is the deal between you and Youngji anyways?" His voice began to rise. I bent over and picked up his phone.

"Its a long story. You better not do anything to her" I warned him as I handed him back his cellular device.

"Long story or not, I still want to hear it. If she's bothering you I swear to god (y/n) I will go up to her and" His face slowly began to go red with anger. I quickly got on my tippy toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Chanyeol I'm fine" I responded as my face underwent a deep red. I quickly walked away from him and went home. I was blushing like crazy.

"I can't believe I just did that" I cheered in satisfaction.

Sorry this chapter was kinda short😂😂

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