Chapter 28

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(Y/n)'s POV:

I stepped inside my house and prayed that everyone was sleeping. I wouldn't want them to see me in this state. I took off my muddy shoes and ran upstairs to the bathroom in case anyone noticed me.

"Who does that Youngji chick think she is? If she starts with me again I'm going to punch her so good" I muttered angrily through clenched teeth as I turned on the water from the shower.

~Time Skip~

I plugged in my headphones and zoned out during my first period class. I could care less about what my teacher was saying. I glanced over at the medium sized clock hanging above the door just as it rang signalling that class was over.

I gathered my things rather quickly and went to my dreaded second period class where HE was. I avoided him pretty well this morning. I didn't see him at all which was a good thing. I stood outside of my class and looked at my outfit, a white long sleeved shirt with a pink pleated skirt and my hair down in soft curls, before heading inside.

I walked into my science class and sat in my usual spot. I put in my headphones and started listening to some music to drown out everything. The class started and I felt relieved since Chanyeol, Luhan, and Sehun didn't show up.

"Ok class, take out your books and turn to page 59 please" Mrs. Lee instructed.

I did as I was told and took out the heavy green book from my bag. Just as I finished turning to page 59, the door opened. 'Please don't be who I think it is' I thought nervously. Slowly I lifted up my head and looked towards the door.

"Chanyeol, Sehun, and Luhan you guys can't just come in late like this" Mrs. Lee scolded.

Chanyeol and I made eye contact for a split second until we both turned away. I felt hurt all over again. He was wearing a black muscle tee with some ripped jeans. He began to walk down my row to go sit in his seat in the back and I felt my heart beat rising.

'(Y/n) stop, he's a jerk who broke your heart. You don't have feelings for him anymore!' I yelled at myself inside my head. I focused my attention on my book as he walked past me. 'He smells so good' I couldn't help but think. I groaned a little and rested my head in my arms on my desk and started to doze off...

"(Y/n) wake up! Your in class not at home" Mrs Lee shouted. I quickly opened my eyes and stood up.

"Sorry Mrs. Lee, it won't happen again" I bowed to her and sat down feeling super embarrassed.

"That's so unlike you (y/n). But since it's almost time to go why don't you hand out the homework to everyone" She shook her head in disappointment as I nodded and took the pile of homework.

I finished all the rows except for the back. I nervously made my way over and handed a paper towards Sehun first who avoided making eye contact with me. 'Probably since we're in school' I thought as I handed homework to Luhan who accepted it with a smile.

"I like your outfit (y/n), that skirt looks really cute on you" He complimented me.

"Aw thank you Luhan!" I gave him a sweet smile. I then turned towards the last person who needed the assignment. He stared at Luhan while I placed the paper down on his desk and slid it towards him.

"I don't need it" He spoke roughly before getting up and leaving the classroom. Anger welled up in me but I decided to let it go and instead picked up the sheet of paper I had just placed on his desk and gave it to Mrs. Lee.

"Thank you dear" Mrs. Lee smiled just as the bell rang. Instead of going to my next class, I went down to the nurses since I wasn't feeling so good.

"Sure sweetheart you can go home. I'll let your teachers know" The kind nurse warmly smiled at me. I bowed to her before exiting the office and going outside. I texted Yerin and Jhope to let them know that I went home so they don't freak out and wonder where I went.

The streets were empty and it was kinda cold outside but it felt nice. I went to a convenience store nearby and bought myself a snack while taking a stroll around town. I passed by a nightclub that was closed, a pet shop, and all kinds of other places. I felt at ease until a sudden thought popped into my head.

"What was in the baby blue box Chanyeol tried to give to me?" I turned away from my current location and practically ran towards the park.

"Please please please let it be there" I whined to myself as I looked near the bench we we're at yesterday.

I looked around for the puddle but couldn't find it. I turned away with my head down until I saw a shimmer coming from my left. I bent down and saw it was a shimmer from a glittery sliver ribbon in a puddle. I cheered of joy while carefully picking up the box and shaking the mud off of it. I held the tiny box in my hand and opened it shakily.

Inside there was a ring and I left out a gasp. The ring looked really expensive and I remembered how he and his members all had special rings that connected each other.

"Chanyeol would never waste this much money on me if he was pretending to like me" I whispered as I slid the ring onto my finger. It was a perfect fit. I held it up towards the sun and watched as it glinted. It was absolutely beautiful and I began to feel really bad.

"He wasn't lying" I breathed. A wave of realization hit me in the face. It was all my fault. Chanyeol was just trying to protect our relationship and I was being dumb and obnoxious. I should've trusted him.

"What if things are already back to the way they were in the beginning when he hated me. What if I'm too late?" I questioned out loud. I quickly began to run to the school to find him.

I saw 3 figures sitting on the bench outside of the school and knew it was Sehun, Luhan, and Chanyeol since no one else would dare step out of school during class. I slowed down and tried to catch my breath. I walked over to them and stood right in front of Chanyeol who stared at me.

"Chanyeol can we talk" I started to say until he stood up and walked away. I stood there in my spot and looked at my feet in embarrassment. 'It is too late' I thought in sadness.

"Whats going on between you guys? Aren't you two dating?" Luhan asked in confusion. I let out a sigh before taking a seat on the bench next to Sehun.

"Long story short, I heard Chanyeol telling Suho that he was pretending to like me and that he lied to me the whole time so I confronted him because I actually thought he was telling the truth to Suho. We argued and I realized today that he really did like me and I'm a complete jerk who doesn't deserve him" I fiddled around with my ring. From the corner of my eye I saw Sehun's face light up in joy after hearing my story.

"Don't be so down about it. I'm sure there is another guy that likes you" Sehun wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

"Yah, you've been ignoring me lately so why are you talking to me all of a sudden. And even if there is another guy that likes heart is set on Chanyeol" I confessed.

I felt like crying again but didn't want to in front of them. As soon as Sehun heard the ending of my sentence he took his arm away and dropped it towards his side.

"Sorry about that, anyways I gotta go" He got up and left with a rushed tone. I looked at Luhan and raised a brow.

"He's been acting really weird lately. Do you know why?" I asked Luhan feeling concerned. I didn't want to lose another person.

"No clue"

I feel so bad for Sehun even though I'm the author😂😂😭😭😭

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