Chapter 7

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"Bambam, I think it's alright for you to go back to class now." The nurse stated.

"Can we stay here for just a few more minutes?" I pleaded. I honestly did not feel like going back to class where you know who was.

"Alright fine" She smiled. I politely bowed at her. She then walked out of the room. I looked over to where Bambam is. He's currently sitting on one of the beds where you can rest on. I walked over to him.

"Bambam you ok?" I rubbed his back soothingly.

"Yeah I guess so" He sighed.

"Don't listen to him ok? If he bothers you anymore just come to me or the principal." I brushed a piece of hair out of his eyes. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Thank you" He replied while gathering me into a hug. I stiffened at the sudden gesture but then relaxed and hugged him back.

"Let's get back to class!" He spoke cheerfully. I just nodded my head.

*Bell rings*

While walking to my period 3 class, which was health, I heard every single person whispering about exo. But more specifically they were only talking about Chanyeol. Except this time, instead of whispering about how cute he was, they were whispering awful things about him and his gang. I guess they heard about his sudden outburst in second period. It's like everybody now hated them. But hey, they kinda deserved it.

*Time skip*

Finally school's over! I grabbed my bookbag and ran outside to catch up with Jackson. I surprised him by giving him one of my back hugs.

"Hey (Y/n)!" Jackson ruffled my hair. Just as I was about to say something someone started walking with us.

"Hey guys! Pretty adventurous day today right?" Yerin chuckled nervously.


"(Y/n) please just forgive me! C'mon were best friends! You can't just keep ignoring me!" She cut me off. I turned to face her. Instead of replying I just stood there staring at her

"Oh....I see" She said while shuffling away with her head down. I ran up to her and gave her a hug.

"Did you really think I was going to be mad at you forever? Man your not as smart as I thought you were" I laughed. She grinned and laughed along with me.

"Ahem! I'm right here you know!" Jackson exclaimed. We just rolled our eyes and continued walking.

"I'm home!!" I shouted loud enough for everyone to hear. I walked up to my room and checked my phone to see if I got any new messages. I had one and it was from Yerin.

Hey!! Want to come to the cafe with me?

Sure! Start walking to the cafe, I'll be there soon <3

I quickly went into my closet and threw on some more comfortable clothes. I put on a striped shirt with some shorts (see picture above). I checked myself in the mirror and decided that I looked decent enough. I then pulled on a pair of sandals.

"Jhope I'm going to go to a cafe with Yerin!" I shouted as I walked out the door.

I finally made it to the cafe. I walked inside to see Yerin waving at me from a booth near the windows. I slid into the seat across from her.

"What will you ladies have today?" The waitress asked politely.

"Two large chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream on top" Yerin replied. I nodded my head in agreement.

"I'll be back here soon with your drinks" She smiled. After she left Yerin started gossiping about exo.

"Their all just a bunch of jerks! I hate them and so does everybody else in the school. But their all just afraid to say something after what happened to poor Bambam" She stated while drumming her fingers on the table.

"Oh? This is coming from a girl who broke a promise to her best friend just to take a sneak peek of them" I sassed. She just rolled her eyes and I chuckled.

"Here are your two large chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream" The waitress put the drinks on top of our table.

"Thank you!" I smiled. As soon as she left Yerin instantly started downing her milkshake.

"Whoa slow down there!" I laughed while taking a sip of my own drink. She then stopped drinking and covered her mouth with both of her hands.

"Brainfreeze? Well that's what happens when you drink something cold to fast!" I scolded. She just shook her head. I raised an eyebrow.

"Huh? Then what?" I questioned. She pointed somewhere. I followed the direction of her finger which lead to the entrance of the cafe. Exo was coming in. I let out a gasp and quickly turned to face Yerin.

"Finish your drink but don't make it seem obvious that were scared because their here" I whispered. She nodded her head. I then started downing my drink.

"Hey there, fancy meeting you here." Someone whispered in my ear. I stopped drinking and turned my head only to be face to face with one of the exo members. I'm pretty sure he goes by the name Tao.

"We were just leaving" I half smiled.

Just as I was getting up from my seat I felt a cold liquid spill all over me. Tao had grabbed my milkshake and poured it all over me. Everyone in the cafe turned to look at me while Tao was now laughing hysterically. I ran away from where they were and into the girl's bathroom in the cafe. I made my way into the last stall and started sobbing.

"(Y/n)!!" Yerin shouted as she burst into the girl's bathroom. She opened my stall and pulled me into a hug.

"(Y/n) calm down ok? Let's get you cleaned up?" She said while wiping away my tears. I let out a sniffle while nodding my head.

After she was done wiping off all the milkshake off of me, she handed me a cute plain pink T-shirt that she had in her bag with a pair of white shorts.

"Thank you sooo much Yerin!" I pulled her into a hug.

"It's not that big of a deal! It's my job to help you and of course you have to do the same to me." She laughed.

"Well of course." We then headed out of the bathroom. As soon as we came out every single pair of eyes were on me again. It made me very uncomfortable. Yerin just patted my back and I started walking towards the exit with my head down.

"(Y/n) come here for a second" Tao cooed. I ignored him and walked even faster. I felt one pair of eyes burning into my back from all the rest. I lifted my head up to peek and of course it was Chanyeol. Can't he just learn to forgive and forget!!

As soon as we exited the cafe I breathed in the fresh air. I didn't even realize that I was holding in my breathe when I was making my way out.

"You ok?" Yerin asked worried. I nodded my head and she started walking me home.

Wowww Tao! Lol, this is by far the longest chapter I've done!

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