Chapter 20

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(Y/n)'s POV:

I ran into the cafe and found a booth for Minho and I near the window.

"No..fair" He said clearly out of breath as he finally entered the cafe. I simply shrugged and started looking at the drinks they had while he took the seat across from me.

"What could I get for the cute couple" Our waitress smiled. I felt my cheeks go a deep red.

"N no your mistaken. Were just friends." Minho clarified.

"I would like a strawberry smoothie" I ordered.

"I'll have what she's having" Minho smiled. She winked at both of us and walked away with our orders leaving me to become even more embarrassed.

"Relax (y/n) she's just kidding" He laughed. I started looking around the cafe trying to avoid eye contact.

"I know" I shyly responded. A familiar back profile caught my attention. Before I could distinguish the familiar man sitting in the booth near us, Minho gently turned my face to look at him.

"I'm over here" He chuckled. I became all flustered at his sudden action.

"Oh gosh (y/n) if you keep this up your going to be as red as the strawberry smoothie you ordered" He joked around.

"Stop teasing me" I laughed while gently slapping at his arm.

Chanyeol's POV:

I watched as (y/n) and Minho took a seat in a booth that was near where I was sitting. The waitress called them a cute couple which caused (y/n) to blush. 'Does she like him?' I thought.

"Sir your order please?" A waitress asked.

"I'll take a mango bubble tea please" I said not taking my eyes off of the two near me. I quickly looked away just as (y/n) was about to make eye contact with me.

"Wait excuse me!" I called the waitress.


"Can you make it to go?" I stood up and took out my wallet. She nodded her head and walked off.

"Here you go!" She handed me my drink as I handed her my money. I quickly put my hood up and left the cafe.

I opened the door to my house and went straight to Luhan's room which he shared with Sehun. I jumped into Sehun's bed.

"Hey Chanyeol!" Luhan said while grabbing his earbuds. I didn't reply. Instead I ran a hand through my soft hair.

"Something on your mind hyung" Sehun got up from the beanbag chair he was sitting in and crawled into his bed to sit next to me.

"Guys if I tell you something, promise not to tell the others?" I asked them seriously with pleading eyes. They nodded and Luhan got up to shut and lock the door.

"You like (y/n)" Luhan asked as he leaned back on the door. I was bewildered.

"How did you know?"

"It was obvious" Sehun chuckled. I sat up straight and reached over to grab one of their stuffed teddybears.

"It doesn't matter anyway" I mumbled as I played around with the bear.

"Why is that?" Luhan also came to sit next to me.

"Because she likes Minho. Of course she would, their both smart and do well in school. All the teachers love them." I started ranting.

"Their just friends. Besides, opposites attract" Sehun winked.

"They hang out with each other a lot. I saw them in the cafe just a second ago. Someone thought they were a couple" I gently tossed the teddybear over to Luhan.

"Who cares what one person thinks? I honestly think she's warming up to you hyung. I think she likes you instead of Minho" Luhan put a hand on my shoulder.

"Your just saying that" I sighed.

"I'm not! This is what I honestly think Chan. Don't lose hope for her yet." Luhan exclaimed. I thought about it for a second.

"You need to start making some moves man because who knows, Minho might like her and he'll end up asking her out before you." Sehun frowned.

"Should I text her asking if she wants to hang out?" I was nervous.

"Yes!!! Here I'll give you her number." Luhan happily jumped out of the bed to go grab his phone. He read the numbers to me as I slowly typed them into my phone.

"Wait! Where would we go to hang out?" I asked.

"Take her bowling!" Sehun exclaimed.

"No take her to the roller rink that's down the street from us! It'll be romantic! She'll have trouble roller skating and then you'll give her your hand or arm to help her and she'll hold on to you! It'll be perfect" The scenario played in Luhan's head. I nodded and decided to go with Luhan's idea.

Hey this is Chanyeol. Luhan gave me your number. All of my members are busy and don't want to go roller skating with me so I was wondering if you would.

"Ok it's done. Now we just wait for a reply" I gripped my device tightly in my hand. Luhan and Sehun both squealed. I laughed at their girlish action.

"What? I just had something in my throat" Luhan started coughing in embarrassment.

(Y/n)'s POV:

I just got out of the shower. After I got dressed, I went to grab my phone. 'I got a text. Probably Minho going to say that he had fun at the cafe today' I thought.

I was stunned to see that it was a text from Chanyeol. I found myself smiling after reading his text.

Sure I'd love to!

"Wait I probably sounded too desperate!" I groaned to myself as the text sent.

Chanyeol's POV:

A vibration was heard throughout the room.
"She said yes" I told them with a grin. They both cheered and ran over to read the text she sent.

"Actually she said that she would love to" Sehun gave me a wink. I accidentally shoved him off of the bed and we all started to burst out laughing.

"Lower it down in here you guys" D.O knocked on the door while yawning.

"Ok hyung!" Sehun shouted. Luhan grabbed my arm and led me to my room.

"Let's find you something to wear" Luhan whispered to himself as he opened my closet. Sehun came in and closed the door behind him.

"Guys I can dress myself" I walked over to my closet and pulled out a simple black nike hoodie with some ripped jeans. Sehun and Luhan both sighed and shook their head in disappointment.

"Guys relax. It's not a date. We are just simply going roller skating" I headed towards the bathroom and put on the outfit I picked out.

I walked back into my room just as I got a text.

I hope you don't mind but I just arrived at the roller rink. I'll be waiting for you though! :)

It's fine, I'm on my way right now.

"She's waiting for me there. I'll see you guys later. Thanks for your help by the way" I smiled at them.

"Wait! Are you going with your hair like that?" Luhan asked with a disapproved look.

"Yeah what's wrong with it?" I looked at the mirror on my wall once more.

"Looks fine to me" I told them. Sehun gave me a judging look before finally sighing.

"Fine go" He said. I waved and opened the door.

"Chanyeol hyung, fighting!" I heard them cheer behind me in unison.

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