Chapter 33

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Chanyeol's POV:

I started walking back home after taking (y/n) to her house and making sure she went inside safely. Today is the day where we are going to come clean and tell our members about our relationship. 'I really hope this goes well for me and her' I thought to myself. I was becoming really nervous as I grew closer to my place.

I shakily unlocked the door and stepped into the chaotic house. I took off my shoes and headed upstairs towards the game room where I heard a chorus of laughter and sounds of the arcade machines in use. I stepped inside and saw everyone in there. Baekhyun was being an instigator and trying to get Chen and Lay to argue.

"Hey guys... I have an annoucement to make" I declared nervously. Everyone didn't seem to hear me and continued playing.

"Guys!" I echoed through the room. Everyone stopped and sighed deeply.

"Go on, what do you want to say?" Kai placed a hand on his hip and spoke with a bored facial expression. They all looked like they could care less.

"Guys seriously. It's really important. I'll tell you downstairs in the living room because you guys are probably going to want to sit for this" I quickly turned around as they followed me.

One by one they took a seat on the couch and directed their attention towards me. I cleared my throat and was thinking about how I should break the news.

"I haven't been that honest with you guys lately...." I began as my voice sounded shaky. I quickly cleared my throat once more and looked around at the members faces which had their brows raised.

"I've been keeping a secret from you guys for awhile now because I wasn't sure how you guys would react....wait...actually I did know how you guys would've would hate me" I sharply inhaled as Xiumin spoke up.

"Don't be silly we would never hate you! But you've been keeping a secret from us? Tell us what it is" Xiumin spoke gently. I took a couple of breaths before continuing.

"(Y/n) and I are dating" I closed my eyes as I announced the truth.

I peeked one of them open and saw that every single one of my members had their jaws dropped open. I opened my eyes fully and watched as feelings of hurt, disappointment, anger, and other feelings danced around their faces. Well everyone except for Luhan and Sehun who nodded their heads as if to tell me I'm doing the right thing. The silence was agonizing. Finally though, Suho spoke up.

"Tell me this is a joke" He slowly stood up and made full on eye contact with me.

"I'm sorry hyung..." I apologized while looking away.

"I really like her and-"

"So you lied to us" Suho cut me off. He stared at me with cold hard eyes. Just then Baekhyun stood up.

"I can't believe this... you kept it a secret from us this whole time!? You should've told us the truth when we confronted you about it awhile back!" Baekhyun shook his head with hurt showing all over his face. I opened my mouth to speak but was once again interrupted.

"Yah Chanyeol, do you even like us?" Kai questioned.

"Of course I do! I knew you guys would react like this which is why I didn't tell you! But aren't you guys happy that I found a girl I love? I would support you guys with whoever you date....why can't you do the same for me?" I stared at them all with a pained expression. I was hoping they would all start to understand.

"We all hate the girl your dating. She's rude, has bad manners-" Kyungsoo began until I stopped him.

"Yah, watch it....that's my girlfriend your talking about" I stated as he scoffed at my reply.

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