Chapter 16

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(Y/n) POV:

As it gradually started to get darker, I made my way home.

"Maybe I should call Yerin. I haven't seen her at all today" I murmered. I dialed in her number. As the line started ringing I heard a very familiar ringtone playing from the park that was on my right. 'Huh?'.

"Hey (y/n)! I'm actually pretty busy right now. I'll talk to you later bye!" She hung up. I turned my head in confusion towards the park and started making my way there.

I stopped in my tracks. Yerin and Jackson were sitting on a bench in the park. Except his arm was around her. I continued walking towards them just as he moved in closer to her.

"Uhmmm hello!!??" I startled them.

"(Y/n)!" Jackson smiled. I pointed at his arm.

"What is this?" I exclaimed.

"An arm?" He remarked.

"But why is it around her!?" I was so confused.

"(Y/n)....Jackson and I are dating. He asked me out yesterday." She replied gently. Their dating?!?

"I mean you two are cute and all but I thought you hated each other"

"Those comments I would say to you guys were just jokes" He chuckled.

"(Y/n), I think you got a text" Yerin pointed out. I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket and found that I did have a text message.

Sorry, I just got punished so I can't hang out tomorrow.

Oh, it's fine. Maybe another time.

"Oh this is just great" I muttered sarcastically. As soon as I slid my phone back into my pocket I got another text. 'He replied already?'.

Hey (y/n), it's me Sehun. Luhan and I were thinking. Wanna hang out at our place tomorrow?

I thought about it for awhile. I mean it's not like I'm busy tomorrow considering how Minho canceled. But I realized there was a problem.

Hey Sehun!!! There's just a slight problem though....what about your members?

I held my phone in my hand and waved goodbye to the new couple before walking away.

Don't worry about them. They told us that they were going to go to someplace special or something like that. Luhan and I said that we wanted to stay home.

Alright sounds good!

I opened the door to my house and sat myself at the kitchen table.

See you tomorrow then

"Hey little one, any trouble at school today?" Suga asked me as he walked into the kitchen. I shook my head.

"Good. For a second there I thought I had to beat someone up" He smiled.

"(Y/n), you should get some rest considering how you hurt your head." Jhope called out from the living room. I sighed and decided that he was right. Plus I have a feeling that tomorrow something might happen.

Sehun's POV:

"She said yes" I told my roommate Luhan who was currently watching a video on his laptop.

"She's coming? Daebak!" He cheered.

"Who's coming?" Kris asked as he walked into our room. We fell silent. 'Maybe I should've shut the door'.

"No one" I lied. Kris raised a brow.

"I know your lying, but I feel too lazy to question you guys any further." Kris sighed as he shut the door on his way out.

"We got lucky" I breathed.

Hey guys! I'm so sorry to those who were expecting an update yesterday. I was just really busy. I'm also sorry that I'm updating so late today and that this chapter is kinda short. Hope you guys enjoyed anyways!

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