Chapter 32

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(Y/n)'s POV:

I was finally back in school and was currently chatting with Yerin near her locker.

"He kissed you!" She shrieked as I quickly covered her mouth and looked around me.

"Yerin can you not" I let out a breathe of relief since no one heard us.

"Oh sorry, I'll stop being supportive then since it's bothering you" She sarcastically responded. After a couple of mintues of laughing, she started catching me up on all the latest gossip.

"(Y/n) your back!" I heard a familiar voice ring out from behind me as Yerin told me about her day at Jackson's house last Wednesday. I turned around and saw a cheery Minho standing before me.

"Minho! It's been awhile!" I exclaimed as we hugged. Yerin cleared her throat from behind us.

"I'll get going now" She smiled at Minho and took out her phone. Just as she left I got a text.

Didn't know you were the player kind (y/n) ;) It's ok, I won't tell

I let out a gasp and burst out laughing at Yerin's text while Minho looked at me in confusion.

"It's just Yerin being Yerin" I explained to him as I texted her back.

Stop woman. You know I'm not like that

"So how have you been?" I texted Yerin back and looked up at Minho.

"Fantastic now that I get to see you!" He beamed as I began to chuckle.

"(Y/n) I was wondering, after school today the national honor's society club is having a meeting about improvements school should make and they asked me to decorate the place with motivational quotes on the wall and stuff like that. Principals from different schools are going to join and they want to make a good impression so it's kind of a big deal. Do you want to help me decorate the place?" He asked me with smiling eyes. I thought for a moment but since I didn't really have any plans for today I decided I should help him.

"Sure why not!" I accepted.

"Great thank you so much! See you then!" He walked away with his other buddies.

~Time Skip~

I didn't really see Chanyeol at all today during school so I became a little worried. I strolled around the hallways on a search for him. I stopped all of a sudden.

"Where is he?" I murmur to myself. Since I stopped abruptly I felt someone bump into me.

"Oh sorry-" I spun around and apologized.

"Don't be sorry be careful" Suho glared at me. I rolled my eyes and saw the other exo members walking up to Suho and standing next to him.

'There he is' I thought to myself as I stared at Chanyeol who was also staring at me. I could tell he was trying his hardest to stop himself from smiling at me and saying something. I began to stifle a laugh.

"Uhm hello?" Suho waved a hand in front of my face. I quickly focused my attention on him. He moved his hand away and moved it inside his pockets.

"You can go now" I shove past him and the other members. I felt my hand brush against Chanyeol.

"Girls am I right?" Baekhyun wrapped an arm around Suho.

"Get off" Suho moved Baekhyun's arm away.


After the last bell rang and students poured out of the school, I waited in the teacher's lounge where the honor's club was going to meet.

"I'm here" Minho walked in carrying a box of decorations. I looked through it while Minho placed a bag full of healthy snacks and refreshments on the table.

"Let's get started!" I smile as I grab a poster with an Albert Einstein quote on it. Minho rummaged through the closet and pulled out a ladder in case there were high areas where we couldn't reach.

~20 minutes later~

I climbed up the ladder and hung up the last streamer on the wall just as Minho finished writing all the nametags for everyone coming.

"Finished" I cheered. I began to climb down the ladder but missed a step and fell.

"Gotcha" Minho caught me right before I hit the ground. I thanked him just as the door opened.

"(Y/n)- whoa what's going on here?" Chanyeol entered the room. Minho quickly let me down.

"I fell off the ladder and Minho quickly caught me before I got hurt. What are you doing here?" I ask as Minho looked from Chanyeol to me and then back at Chanyeol.

"Yerin told me you were staying after to help with something" Chanyeol replied while having an instense staring contest with Minho.

"Guys seriously?" I sigh. Minho broke eye contact with Chanyeol first to glance over at me.

"I'm sorry. Are you two friends?" Minho raised an eyebrow at me while frowning at Chanyeol. I opened my mouth to say something but quickly closed it.

"No we aren't friends. We're more than that" Chanyeol reached over for my hand and pulled me closer to him. Minho laughed and grabbed my arm and lightly tugged me towards him, away from Chanyeol.

"Don't make me laugh. Why would a smart, well behaved girl like (y/n) hang out with someone like you" Minho looked at Chanyeol in disgust.

"Someone like me? Are we going to have a problem?" Chanyeol clenched his fist.

"Stop!" I yell as I moved my arm away from Minho.

"Minho... Chanyeol and I really are dating. Please don't tell anyone!" I begged as Minho's mouth dropped open.

"Unbelievable!" He scoffed.

"I won't tell but how could you date him-" Minho began but stopped.

"Never mind thanks for your help" Minho left the room in frustration while Chanyeol gave him a dirty look. I hit his chest.

"Ow!" He rubbed the area where I hit him as I rolled my eyes.

"Stop that! Minho is just a friend" I assured Chanyeol.

"Friend or not I don't want you hanging out with any men. I want you all to myself" He smirked as his hand caressed my cheek.

"So protective" I mutter as I moved closer to him for a hug. He hugged me tightly.

"Yeollie I can't breathe" I laugh a bit as he pulls away quickly examining me.

"Chanyeol there has been something that has been bothering me" I slowly began to say. Just as I expected, worry began to show all over his face.

"What's wrong?" He placed his hands on my shoulders and searched my eyes.

"I just.... I just don't want to keep lying to my brother and the rest of our members about us. When are we finally going to tell them?" I softly say while looking at Chanyeol who moved away to think.

"You sure your ready?" He asked slowly. I nodded my head.

"I'll tell my members today then..." Chanyeol decides. I began to feel nervous. I wonder how his members and mine are going to react to the news. 'I hope they'll accept us' I pray.

"Chan what time is it" I break him away from his thoughts. He was probably thinking the same thing as me.

"It's 5:00" A deep voice answered from our left startling us. The meeting was beginning and 5 adults with students behind them we're standing in the doorway. We awkwardly bowed and left.

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