Chapter 5

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Hi again! So I kinda fooled around a bit for this chapter and decided to make it about your brother, Jhope's Pov!

Jhope's POV

"All we did today was skip class!" My bestie Yugyeom chuckled.

"Yeah this was pretty fun, just don't tell (Y/n) or she'll kill me." I said smiling.

We were currently just wandering around in the hallways trying to avoid teachers. We were in the middle of a conversation when we heard footsteps coming from behind us. Yugyeom and I turned around fearing that it was a teacher behind us and that we just got caught. Luckily it was just twelve random boys.

"Oh it's just some random student's" I sighed a breathe of relief.

"Oh and what do you mean by that?" One of them said. If I didn't know any better I would have expected him to be a girl.

"Do you not know who we are?" The shortest one said with a smirk thinking that we obviously know exactly who they were.

"Should we?" Yugyeom replied while crossing his arms. I nudged him with my elbow as a sign to tell him to cut it out but he shrugged it off. He obviously wasn't intimated by these guys.

The shortest one's smirk disappeared.

"Your kidding right?" He questioned.

"Look, we would love to stay here and chit chat with you fellas but uhm were going to go now" I said while tugging on Yugyeom's arm. We then started walking away.

"Geez, they acted like they were as famous as the president or something." I whispered to Yugyeom. Just then some guy with brown hair turned me around and grabbed me by my collar.

"What did you say?" He snarled.

I started to panic and think of every possible way to get out of this situation calmly. But with one swift movement, Yugyeom grabbed that guy's arm and bent it behind his back twisting it slowly causing the guy to writhe around in pain.

"I think what he said was pretty clear, I mean he didn't exactly stutter. Oh and if I were you I wouldn't go around picking a fight with someone you barely even know because in the end look at the position your in. Your not even a challenge to me." Yugyeom whispered in his ear harshly. I was in shock and couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

"Let go of him" The short one said in a demanding tone. This made Yugyeom chuckle a bit.

"Stay out of this shorty before I step on you or something." Yugyeom said nonchalantly. Man why are all the maknaes so vicious!

"Yugyeom that's enough" I said with a serious tone. He nodded his head and let go of the guy with brown hair. Then we both started walking away as those twelve men stood there in disbelief.

Do you like it? Man things got tense here. Oh and for those who don't know, the guy who Jhope would've thought was a girl would be Luhan, the brown haired guy was baekhyun, and the shortest guy was of course d.o. Sorry kyungsoo! #Ot12

Until the next chapter!

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