Chapter 10

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(Y/N) POV:

*Bell Rings*

Carefully, I tiptoed out of the classroom. Mrs. Lee wanted me to go to her office after class but no thank you, I'm out of here. Looks like Chanyeol is also trying to sneak past.

"(Y/n), Chanyeol, come back here!" Mrs. Lee shouted. Busted. We both turned around and shuffled into her office. Chanyeol shut the door behind me.

"Ok, can one of you please explain to me what happened back there?" Mrs. Lee spoke as she adjusted her glasses. I glanced over at chanyeol and cleared my throat. Just as I was about to explain he cut in and it ended up with both of us arguing about the situation right in front of her.

"Quiet! (Y/n), I did not expect this type of behavior from you! And Chanyeol well uhm.." She stopped before she could finish her sentence. He already knew that it was a typical thing for him so he rolled his eyes.

Mrs. Lee coughed and began again, "Well anyways, you both need to learn a lesson. I want you both to come after school today to the cafeteria."

"Uhm why?" I asked. The cafeteria? After school? That's kinda weird.

"Well I've decided to give the janitors a break and have you guys clean the whole cafeteria." She ended.

My mouth hung open in shock and from the corner of eye, I saw Chanyeol's mouth do the same. Just imagining having to clean up about a thousand kids garbage runs a shiver through my spine. We have garbage cans for a reason, you'd think they would use them by now.

"That's absolutely ridiculous-" Chanyeol began.

"Want to do tomorrow too?" Mrs. Lee cut in simply.

"No, today after school is fine" I politely smiled while nudging Chanyeol's arm.

"Great! Maybe you two will have learned your lesson. You guys can go now." She finished. I bowed and left the room.

"Thanks a lot" Chanyeol muttered angrily behind me. Knowing he was looking, I gave a slight toss of my hair to show him that I didn't care.

"Oh it's my fault that your lazy and have anger issues?" I whispered angrily to myself.

All I know is, after school in the cafeteria is going to be a terrible time. I mentally groaned at the thought of having to deal with someone who has probably never worked a day in his life today. 'I'm probably going to have to do all the work by myself. Wait no, he has to work too. I'll make sure of it'.

Chanyeol's POV:

How dare she give me a hair flip?  It's all her fault that we even got into this situation in the first place. If she just gave me my paper-

"Hey Chanyeol!" Sehun yelled breaking me away from my thoughts.

"What do you want?"

"Just wanted to know if you wanted to ditch school for today." He smiled while putting his hands in his back pockets.

"Yeah sure, but I'm going to have to come back after school." I groaned.

"What do you mean?" Sehun was puzzled.

"That brat (y/n) got us in trouble and now we both have to clean the cafeteria after school today."

"Ouch, the cafeteria? Ugh. But hyung, (y/n) is not that bad-"

"Say that again and I'll knock you out" I cut in. Not that bad? HA, what is the matter with this kid?

"Ok ok, let's just go" Sehun started walking.

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