Chapter 9

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Today I woke up earlier than usual. My plan was to get ready for school and walk there early so that I didn't have to deal with exo. I did my morning routine and decided on a simple outfit and started curling my hair a bit to create soft waves. Usually I would never have time to do any of this but today was a new day so why not?

"Maybe I should make an omelette for myself. Wait I should make one for Jhope also." I murmured to myself.

Just as breakfast was done, Jhope started clumsily walking down the stairs.

"Jhope just in time! I made us breakfast!" He stood there clearly surprised.

"How are you awake before me?" Was all he said while shuffling towards the table. We sat there in silence for a bit until Jhope spoke up.

"You look very pretty today sis" He smiled.

"Oh what, do I not look pretty any other day?" I joked. His smile quickly turned into a frown and he was stammering out his response.

"Y you know that's not what I mean't."

"I was just kidding. Now c'mon lets walk to school." I grabbed my bookbag and slipped into my shoes. I grabbed both of our now empty plates and placed them in the sink.

"Already? But its too early!" Jhope shouted after me. 'Thats the point' I thought to myself.

We made it to the school and parted ways. I looked around and put on a triumphant smile when I realized that exo did not arrive.

"But you can't just do that! We all worked hard to buy each other our team rings." Someone said.

Since I don't know how to mind my own business, I started walking towards the direction of the noise. Three figures were arguing with each other behind the school. Taking a peek, I saw Chanyeol, Luhan, and Sehun. 'Why would they be arguing?' I thought to myself.

"These rings are childish and I just don't feel like wearing them anymore" Chanyeol stated while taking off the ring and throwing it. The ring flew through the air and landed near my feet.

"Hyung how could you-"

"Hey!" I interrupted while walking over, ring in my hand. All three of them raised an eyebrow at me.

"You shouldn't do that to your friends. I mean it's none of my business but it seems like that ring is what everyone in your little gang is wearing. This may seem like nothing to you but it means a lot to them" I said while gesturing towards the matching rings on Sehun's and Luhan's fingers. To my surprise they gave a slight smile. Well except for Chanyeol of course.

"I don't need a little friendship lecture from people like you." He said while scoffing and walking away. I just rolled my eyes and faced the remaining two in front of me.

"Thanks a lot" Luhan said.

"He didn't even listen though" I muttered.

"Still, it was pretty sweet of you. Sorry for being rude before." Sehun apologized.

I shrugged, "It was honestly nothing but hey, I'll see you both around?". They both nodded and gave a huge grin.

"Maybe not all of them are as bad as I thought" I whispered while heading to my class.

Period 1 flew by surprisingly fast.

"Hey (y/n)! Are you going to come study with me and our other friends later on?" One of the smartest guys in school said.

His name was Minho. I'm also one of the smartest kids in school. You could also call me a goodie two shoes I guess. Minho and I have a little crew filled with all the smartest kids. We all join together to study once in awhile.

"I'd love to Minho!"

"Great, I'll make a group chat later on with the information for the study meet." He smiled. I smiled back and continued walking to my second period class.

"Ok class, today we will start off with a little pop quiz." Mrs. Lee stated. The whole class groaned while Mrs. Lee walked over to me.

"Pass out the papers ok?"

"Alright" I got out of my seat and started handing out the papers starting from the first row and working my way to the back.

Once I was at the back row I gave a slight smile at Luhan amd Sehun who were grinning and waving at me. I scowled at Chanyeol and ignored his desk.

"Ahem, I think you forgot about someone." Chanyeol said while drumming his fingers on the desk.

"Why would I pass out a quiz to someone who doesn't even do his work? Oh wait, you probably need to bring up your failing grade" I sassed whiled walking back and slamming the paper on his desk. This sudden action caused him to stand up and grab me by my collar. Maybe I shouldn't have done that...

"Let go of me" I said not hiding the irritation in my voice. He still held on which caused me to swat his hand away.

"That's it!" He growled.

"(Y/n), Chanyeol, my office after class!" Mrs. Lee yelled.

"This is all your fault" He whispered while taking his seat again.

"Annoying little brat" I said softly underneath my breath.

"Alright, begin the quiz!" Mrs. Lee exclaimed.

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