Chapter 37

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(Y/n)'s POV:

I sighed while walking back to Chanyeol. Sehun liked me this whole time? Conflicted feelings began to bubble up inside of me and I began to feel sorry for him. Sehun and Luhan became friends with me first and I guess Sehun liked me first but I chose Chanyeol. I let out a groan as I approached him.

"Everything alright?" Chanyeol worriedly looked at me.

"Yeah...let's go" I half whispered as we began to walk.

~Time Skip~

Chanyeol gave me a kiss on the cheek as I walked inside the house. I heard everyone talking happily as I took off my sneakers. Just then everyone got quiet.

"Sweetheart, is that you?" A warm and friendly feminine voice called out from the living room. I gasped and dropped my bag as I ran as fast as I could towards the room.

"Mom!" I cried as I gave her a tight squeeze. All of bts had huge grins on their face. I pulled away from my mom and hugged my dad who was waiting.

"You guys are back from your business trip in America already?" I grinned as I walked over to my brother Jhope and also gave him a hug because I was just way too happy. He let out a laugh and hugged me tight.

"Yes we are! Although we do have another one coming up in America again but that won't happen until next year" My father smiled as he took a seat on the couch with my mother. We all began to catch up on news and events. Jhope asked our parents how America was and if they brought souvenirs.

"Did you enjoy your time with the members kiddos?" My father asked as he looked around the room.

"Well they are my members so of course" Jhope spoke in a 'What kind of a question is that' tone. I laughed and nodded my head eagerly as Jin gave me a wink.

"Well Jhope and (y/n), pack up your items because we're going back home in two days. We could go today but I figured you guys would want to say your goodbyes.." My mother spoke as she stood up and picked up her lavender Gucci purse off of the table.

"What do you mean goodbye mom? We don't live that far away from the members. Plus since we're a band, I see them everyday" Jhope laughed as I laughed along with him. My father stood up and placed his hands on my mom's shoulders.

"No honey, it's not bts we're talking about, its your other friends. We found a better school which is strict in education and we already sent in papers. You guys are transferring" My father adjusted his glasses as I stood up in protest along with Jhope.

"What?" We both said in unison. I was shook.

"Now now, don't get all worked up. We believe this school is the right choice for you and will help you succeed in your education! They got a better rating then the school your currently going too. Anyways we have to go to work. Tomorrow will be your last day in this school. Love you guys!" Our parents waved as they walked out the door leaving Jhope and I in disbelief.

I sat down gripping the sides of the couch tightly. This can't be happening....not when Chanyeol and I just started to date. How was I even going to break the news to him? My hand quickly flew towards my pocket and pulled out my phone. My thumbs hovered over the screen for a split second. I deeply sighed and placed my phone back where it was. It's better if I told him in person.

I placed my head in my hands. Yerin.....I can't leave Yerin. Not after everything me and her have been through. We were best friends for as long as I can remember. They can still visit me but I doubt they would even have time since school and all. Plus the school I'm going to be transferring to will most likely give me tons of homework and tests to complete since apparently it's strict and really focuses it's attention on students education more than my current school. I'll probably be too busy studying meaning Chanyeol, Yerin, and I won't have any real time to hang out!

" ok" My brother sighed as he sat down next to me. I slightly lifted my head up to face him.

"Tell me this isn't true" I pleaded as he let out another sigh.

"Hey I don't like it either because that means I have to leave behind Yugyeom...but maybe it's for the best." He got up and began to put on his sneakers and jacket. I fully lifted up my head and saw everyone else staying quiet with worried looks on their faces. A loud vibration broke the silence. I checked my phone tiredly to see I got two text messages.


Hey babe, you asleep yet?


OMG (Y/N)! I JUST THOUGHT OF A REALLY GOOD IDEA! We should have a double date! Jackson and I with you and Chanyeol could go get dinner tomorrow! Then in like a week we should all go to a haunted house together!

Instead of replying, I left my phone on the couch and walked upstairs to my room. Tears were threatening to fall but I held them in until I hopped into my bed.


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