Chapter 3

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Hey guys, sorry for making you wait awhile for chapter 3 but here you go!

Yerin's POV

I rested my head on my hand and tapped my pencil against my desk impatiently looking at the clock wondering when this period would end. After a couple of long minutes just staring at the clock, I started to daydream about that gang named exo. I only got a glimpse of how they looked like in the halls and oh my, they were VERY good looking.

"Yerin stop tapping your pencil against the desk. It's disturbing others." My teacher said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Ne, sorry" I replied. My eyes flickered toward (Y/n) and I started thinking about what she said earlier.


"Yerin promise me your not going to get involved with them." (Y/n) said.
"Ugh fine" I replied.

~Flashback over~

The bell rang and I sighed a breathe of relief. (Y/n) was already out of the classroom, probably wanting to leave as soon as possible just like I did.

I walked out and saw that gang exo. I almost squealed with delight! I know (Y/n) said not to get involved but hey, whatever she doesn't know won't kill her right? I started following them. The bell rang but at this point I didn't care about being late to class, all I care about are these good looking men. They turned the corner and as I rounded it there they were standing before me.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" One of them spoke. He had fluffy brown hair that was parted and seemed younger than the rest.

"U u uhm sorry" I stammered.

"Were you perhaps following us?" The tallest one asked while taking a few steps towards me.

I panicked and started to take a few steps back but I stumbled and fell. They all started laughing and the guy who was walking towards me is now crouched near my head.

"What's your name?" He asked.

I ignored him and started to look around at the other guys who were now watching me intensely. Man I wished I listened to (Y/n)! The man crouched near me took his pointer finger and his middle finger and lifted my chin up to make me look at him.

"When I ask you something, you answer." He replied in a low growl. His eyes changed from the emotionless eyes he had on before to an emotion I couldn't read. This frightened me deeply. I bit my bottom lip trying to prevent myself from crying. A tear managed to escape from my eyes.

"My name is-"

"What do you guys think your doing?"

Someone yelled. I turned to see that the person who was yelling was (Y/n) and boy did she look furious.

Ok guys, in case you didn't know the guy with the fluffy brown parted hair who was younger than the rest was of course sehun and the tallest member is Kris. Yes I'm including all of exo from when they were all together because OT12 FOREVER AND ALWAYS! <3

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