Chapter 30

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I posted another chapter as quick as I could because I'll have to put my writing on hold for a few days because I have testing this week before summer!!!!!!! And I need to stay focused, but I'll be back soon!

By the time we arrived back at the base, it was already dark. Rey was taken straight to the hospital wing and Ben left to their room without a word. Finn however, was still full of questions wanted to know what happened. "Finn, dear, I'm sorry. We got split up and I'm afraid I cannot tell you what happened because I do not know," I inform him. He shrugged, obviously not content with the answer I gave him but said, "Thank you General," before walking away.


Nobody seems to know what happened to Rey except Rey, Snoke, and Ben. Rey is still unconscious or dead, in the hospital wing. God I pray she's not dead. Snoke is dead so I don't plan on asking him, and now here I am knocking on the door of my last hope to learn what happened.

"Finn. What is it?" Ben asks groggily. I glanced up to his face and was surprised to see his eyes were red and puffy. Who knew the all-mighty Ben Solo cried? "I'm hear to ask what happened to Rey," I swear Ben flinched when I said her name. He sighed, "Finn, do we have to talk about this right now?" "Yes.... please." "Ugh," Ben groaned, "Come in."

His room looked similar to mine yet seemed somewhat bigger and sadder. He took a seat on his sofa and I took a seat across from him on the lounge chair. "What do you want to know?" He asked. "What happened in the Lookout room?" I replied. He took a deep breath before saying, "We entered the room and found Snoke. He tried to destroy Rey from the inside-out psychologically. It hurt me seeing Rey's pain so I stopped him by swinging my lightsaber at him. This only got him angrier leading to a lightsaber fight. After a while, we still made no progress, so Rey distracted him while I attempted to stab him in the heart. I missed and was thrown back into the wall when everything went black. I thought I was done, I really did. But this little speak of light kept tugging at my heart and I finally gave into it. Some amount of time later I woke up hearing Rey's petrifying screams. She was on the ground before Snoke getting electrified. I had no idea how long it's been going on for, but by the looks of it, it was a while. Snoke was so distracted with Rey, that I managed to creep up behind him and slice him in half. I quickly ran up to Rey, taking her in my arms and before I could help her, her eyes fell closed and I lost her. As soon as we got onboard she was taken to the hospital and that's the last I know of it." I was stunned, after everything he has done, I feel bad for him that he had to go through so much today. "Oh... Well thank you for telling me," I say to him as I get up to leave. "You deserve to know," he replies. I nod, "Goodnight." "Goodnight," he says then shuts his door.



This week has gone by rather boring. Everyone was out and about celebrating our victory against the First Order, or went home to spend time with their families. A few days after we returned back to D'Qar a celebration feast was thrown for our victory; I didn't bother attending, it wouldn't be the same without Rey. As for Rey, she is a living miracle. She is still in the hospital, but on our second day back at the base a nurse found a heartbeat. She seems to be in some sort of coma or something, and other classified stuff. I visit her everyday hoping that one of these days her sparkling hazel eyes will be looking back at mine; and that is where I'm heading now.

"I'm here to visit Rey," I tell the droid at the front desk of the hospital. "Room B8 on the left," it informs me. I already know where her room is but I thank the droid anyway. I open the door and hold back my tears as I see my darling Rey laying on the medical bed. Sitting down on the chair beside her bed, I take her small hand in mine. Sometimes I sit in peace imagining us having a conversation and sometimes I talk to her, even though she can't hear me. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude," a person's voice calls out. I turn my head to the door and see an older lady standing there, I'm assuming the nurse. Out of all the days I've come, I've never actually ran into anyone that works here beside the droid at the front desk. "It's okay," I tell her. Looking at our hands intertwined the nurse asks, "I'm Aurra, Rey's nurse. And who might you be?" "I'm Ben. Ben Solo, Rey's fiancé," I inform her. "Oh, you're Leia's boy. What a handsome young fellow you are. You look just like you father. Enough of me babbling, you must be here to learn of Rey's condition," she says. "Uh.. Yes I am," I tell her. "As you already know, a few days ago, after the surgery we managed to get her heart going again. Her health is slowly increasing day by day. With her strength I'd say she could wake in the next day or two, but it's mainly based on her inner will. If she wants to live, with her power, she will. The lighting bolts did quite the number on them, most people would be dead in her position; though she's quite the fighter. There's not much damage on the outside from the lighting. She was mostly affected on the inside, but no harm came to the little one, and with the surgery, there should be no future problems. I'd say that's about it, other than that she's recovering great," she explains. I freeze, "Wait. Did you say little one?" I question loudly as suddenly my heartbeat is in my ears. "I sure did. Rey, my dear, is pregnant. With a very healthy baby matter of fact."

OMG! First off: I would never kill either of the main characters if that's what you were thinking Second: GUYS SHES PREGNANT!! 😱 All the stomach pains finally add up, some of you caught on to that, but for others.... SURPRISE!! XD

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