Chapter 21

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I have a big plan in mind and Rey has no idea.


I wake up the next morning to find the other side of the bed cold. Ben must of gotten up a while ago. I hear clanking from upstairs so I decide to go an investigate. Walking down the hallway I hear the clanking get louder; it's coming from the kitchen. I walk in and see Ben trying to make breakfast. "Morning beautiful," he says facing the stove sensing my presence. "Good morning. What's all this?" I ask coming into the kitchen. "Can't a man make the love of his life breakfast without a reason?" He asks while turning around holding two plates with a cover. "Maybe," I tease. He smiles, "Breakfast?" "Yes, it smells fantastic," I tell him. I follow him as he walks up to a plain wall in the kitchen. He was just standing infront of the wall. What was he doing? His right hand goes forward making the wall move to the side revealing another room. I stare in utter amazement as he turns his head to look at me with a smirk before walking in. I follow him into the room. The whole room

is surrounded by more windows looking out at the beautiful landscape with a round table with fruit in the middle.

He sets one plate infront of where I sit and one infront of the other seat that he sits down in. I take off the cover to reveal scrambled eggs and some thin, round, flat cake of batter. I've never seen anything like that before. "That's a pancake. You can eat it with your hands, they're quite sweet," Ben informs me taking a bite of his pancake. I pick it up and take a bite out of it. "This is amazing!" "I know, I know, I'm a great cook," he says sarcastically making us both laugh.

I finish the food on my plate and go to reach for an apple at the center of the table. Only when I reach out for it, it floats backwards away from me towards Ben. He catches it in his hand, places it on his plate, and cuts it into slices before sending them back to me. "Thank you. What are we doing today?" I ask. "I was thinking if you wanted to go to the nearby valley, we could have a picnic, then tonight we could sit out together and watch the stars." It was almost kind of strange seeing this soft loving side of Ben, the Kylo side was nearly diminished. But it didn't matter, I loved him no matter what and welcomed the Ben we all missed. "I'd love too," I assure him. "Great! You go get dressed and I'll clean up," he says. "Okay," and with that I leave the room.

The valley was only about ten minutes walk. It was lovely, beautiful rolling hills surrounded by waterfalls in the distance. Naboo was definitely the most gorgeous of all the planets. We set our blanket and basket down under the shade of a small tree before heading towards the waterfalls. While I was changing before Ben told me to wear a swim suit underneath my clothes and now I see why. We reach the falls and it has another huge lake infront of it that the waterfalls pour into, but it's actually quite shallow. I'd say at the deepest part, the water goes up to my shoulders.

Ben takes off his shirt and I can't help but stare at his muscles. He has a perfectly toned body and is shredded. He must of heard my thoughts cause he turns to look at me laughing, before walking over to me. "Like what you see?" He ask cockishly. "No... I was just looking at your all of your stomach flab. You're probably thirty pounds soaking wet," I rebuttal blushing. "Oh really now," he says with a smirk knowing I'm lying. He walks over to me and before I can process anything he picks me up and flings me over his shoulder as he walks towards the lake. "Are you gonna take that back?" He asks holding me over the water about to throw me in. "No," I tell him stubbornly. He smiles, "Ok then..." and throws me in. I get submerged underwater, it's quite refreshing actually. It's the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. "Ben!" I scream once I surface. "You could of just admitted you love my body," he jokes. I catch him off guard since he is laughing and using the force I push him into the water. "Hey!" he says now standing beside me in the water. I'm laughing so hard at the moment. "Very funny," he says splashing me. "It was, you should of seen your face," I tell him between dying laughs.

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