Chapter 23

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We enter the hangar and gracefully land. The top props open and Rey climbs out, myself following close behind when I see her. The first person I laid eyes on now giving Rey a hug, is none other than my mother. I slowly walk towards them when her eyes land on me and I can't take another step. I don't know what to do. My mother slowly walks towards me with tears threatening to spill from her eyes as Rey reunites with two rather happy males. "Ben," she says placing her hand on my cheek reminding me of the last time I saw my father, making me full of regret. Suddenly as if all her strength she's built up for so long has been drained from her, she loses it and wraps her arms tightly around me crying. "Mom," I say wrapping my arms back around her embracing her. "I always knew you'd come home," she says, her voice cracking from crying. My mom was an extremely strong person and to see her this broken down because of me was an eye opener. When I left with Snoke, I never once thought about the affect it would have on my family. Now as if the rain has been cleared I see how much it affected my mother, she was heart-broken but she never stopped believing there was good in me and that one day I would return.


When we landed in the hangar, I hopped out and received a welcoming hug from Leia. As we finished hugging I saw Finn and Poe heading towards us with big smiles on their faces. "Rey!" They said in sink, each giving me a tight hug. "I'm so glad you're back! I thought I would never see you again because of that monster!" Finn exclaimed meaning Ben. "I'm so glad to see you guys too! But Finn, he really has changed," I tell them. "Rey. He tried to kill all of us!" Finn said. "That was the old Kylo Ren controlled by Snoke, this now is the caring Ben and I trust him," I informed him. "I can't believe what I'm hearing! How could you trust him after what he did! He probably has brained wiped her or something!" Finn tells Poe before storming off. I frown, great, I just get here and Finn already is too furious to even want to be around me. "Hey," Poe says putting his hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry, just give him some time he'll come around," before leaving in the direction Finn left in.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist and I turn to face a happy Ben. "Hey beautiful," he says placing his hands on my waist. "Hello," I tell him placing my hands on his chest. "What's wrong?" He asks sensing something is bugging me. I shrug, "It's just Finn, he still doesn't trust you and thinks I'm under some manipulation," I tell him. "Not everyone can be as loving and understanding as you are," he says smiling making me smile. "I just wish he could see you the way I've seen you," I tell him. "I think it's better that Finn has never seen me without clothes on," he jokes. "Bennn," I complain lightly punching his shoulder, "That's not what I meant." "I know, just messing with you," he chuckles. "My mother said to head over to the control room once we we are all set and we will be shown to our rooms," he explains. "Ok," I say about to take his hand as we walk out of the hangar. But we agreed that we wouldn't tell anybody about our relationship just yet, thankfully nobody had been in the hangar.

"Hello guys," I see Poe walking towards us, "General Organa told me to show you your rooms. This way," he points. We walk down a long hallway past what looks like a cafeteria until we come up upon several doors. He points to the two on the left, "The first one is your room," he says referring to Ben, "And the second is yours Rey." "Thank you Poe," I tell him before he leaves back down the hallway. "Let's check out your room," I say. Ben opens the door and it leads to a kitchen, we walk in and go through a doorway after the kitchen leading to a living room before the bedroom. The silence is filled when Ben's stomach growls. I chuckle, "You go shower and I'll make dinner." "Am I that smelly?" Ben teases leaning into me. "Yes it's horrific," I joke quickly kissing him before pushing him back. "Go shower Solo," I command. He starts to walk into the bedroom with the bathroom when he yells, "I'm not so Solo anymore!" I laugh getting out the food for dinner. I don't even know where my life would be without Ben, he completes me and I would be a disaster without him.


I just finished pouring the soup into two bowls when I hear the bathroom door open. I carry the bowls over to the table when Ben walks into the room. "What's this?" He asks. "Dinner. It's soup," I tell him. We both sit down and dig in, we were both starving from the long day we had today. "Amazing," he complements. "Thank you," I say. Once we both finish we rinse off the bowls and put them away before heading into the bedroom.

I lay next to Ben with my head resting on his shoulder and his arms wrapped around me. I have had my engagement ring in my pocket today so it wouldn't cause any unwanted attention just yet. Now that it was just Ben and I, I had it back on and couldn't take my eyes off of it. "This ring is gorgeous." "A gorgeous ring for an even more goregous women," Ben explains making me blush. "Ben, when are we gonna to tell everyone?" I ask referring to the ring. "I'm not really sure. We can tell my mother tomorrow and see where that leads us," he says. "O-kay," I yawn. "Rey, get some sleep, it's been a long day." I tilt my head up at Ben puckering my lips as he leans in and kisses me goodnight before I fall asleep. 

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