Chapter 20

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By now the whole First Order has been alerted of our escape and is out looking for us

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By now the whole First Order has been alerted of our escape and is out looking for us. However this time we aren't out in space, we are on the planet Endor so it is a lot easier to get away from them. We dodge incoming hits from the base as we enter a nearby forest for cover. After a few minutes we get far enough away from the base and have lost or destroyed all of the following Tie-Fighters so we head up to leave the planet. It doesn't take long to reach the end of the atmosphere, and this time it really is just Rey and I alone in cold space.

I hear a sigh of relief from Rey as Endor disappears behind us. "Where now?" She asks. Oh no. I haven't thought about that. I don't think I'm ready to face my mother quite yet after what I did to her husband; my father. "Hey," Rey says turning her head to face me, "We don't have to go straight back to the Resistance base. We can stop at some peaceful planet along the way for a little while until you are comfortable enough to go back," she states. "Are you sure?" I ask. "Positive. This is a big change for you and I want it to be as easy as possible," she says smiling. "Okay, I know just the place," I tell her placing a kiss on her cheek before she turns back around.

I enter the coordinates to the planet into the freighter and set it on auto-pilot before relaxing back against my chair staring off into the galaxy thinking. Thinking about how I could still be back at the First Order living a life of torture and misery without Rey's help and my grandfather's help showing me the truth that had been kept hidden from me. I hear Rey's breathing slow and I notice she has fallen asleep against my chest once again.


A few hours pasted and we will be arriving soon. I have spent the past couple hours watching guard making sure everything goes smoothly on our journey. It was the least I could do. Rey deserves some sleep after everything she has been put through this week.

We enter the planets atmosphere with a small jolt. I hear a groan from Rey as she begins to wake up probably because of the bump. "Are we here?" She asks, her voice groggy. I chuckle, tired/grumpy Rey is adorable, "Almost, we just entered the atmosphere," I tell her as I kiss the top of her head. She grips both of my thighs, using them as balance as she sits up and glances out of the freighter at the land beneath us. "Wo..... there's so much green," she says in awe as she looks at the forestry green landscape. "This is where my grandmother used to live," I tell her. "It's absolutely stunning," she exclaims.

Within the next few minutes we land in an opening between the trees. Rey hops out first and walks over to the huge lake right next to where we landed. I get out after, close everything up, and head over to where Rey is waiting. She was so taken away at the view that she didn't even notice me approaching. I quietly walk up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist causing Rey to jump. I laugh, "You scared me!" She announces. "I'm sorry," I chuckle, "Like the view?" I ask. "Yes, I've never seen such a beautiful planet in all my life. Where are we?" "We are on a planet known as Naboo," I inform her.


Ben takes my hand and leads me up a flight of stairs. The walk is rather short, and as we reach the top I see that there is a palace-like house right on the cliff. Ben holds the door open with a smile, "This is where we will be staying." I walk in the door and my eyes fly past the kitchen leading into the living room and go straight to the huge glass window looking out at the sunset over the lake. I run up to it seeing it has a balcony too, "I love it!" I squeal. "I was hoping you would," Ben says walking over to the window. I quickly look around the rest of the house; in the main room we have a huge kitchen leading to the living room looking out at the balcony. Down a hallway there are two doors; one leading to a nice bathroom and another leading to a bedroom. At the very end of the hallway there is a staircase, I walk down the stairs and it leads to another door. I open it with excitement and awe when I see the room before me. There is a huge master bed in the middle up against the back wall and has an opening in the wall leading into a fancy walk-in closet. One wall is lined with windows that are right at the edge of the lake; it also has a balcony right on the water. I head out on the balcony and spot a small table with two chairs and a bench looking right out at the water. I take a seat down on the bench watching as the sun disappears when I hear the glass door slide open behind me. I turn around to see Ben now in a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt walking over to me. He sits down next to me and I crawl into his lap as he wraps his muscular arms around me. We don't even need to talk for this moment to be perfect. Just being in his arms fills me with happiness as we watch stars begin to fill the night sky. I yawn starting to become tired after the long day we have had today; escaping from the First Order. "I think it's time for bed," Ben says with a chuckle. "I think so too," I laugh. He stands up with me bridal style in his arms as he heads back inside. Once inside he sets me back down on my feet as I head to the walk-in closet. On one half it was filled with all sorts of beautiful women's clothing, and on the other side men's. I look through many until I decided on a light pink silk nightgown to sleep in. I put it on folding up my old clothes and walk back out to find Ben already asleep in bed. I walk to the bed and climb in. I've never been in such a comfy bed in all my life! I give Ben a quick kiss on the forehead before settling down. No sooner than I kissed him Ben turns wrapping his arms around me pulling me close to him. Then the night takes us.

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