Chapter 8

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I looked out of my window to see that the sun was still shinning and I had only slept for about an hour. I decide to go back out to talk to Luke about my dream. I head back up the steps that lead to the campfire where I see Luke is still siting. As I come closer I take a seat down on the log across from him. "Yes? Tell me," Luke politely demands as he opens his eyes. "Master I remember what happened to me the day StarKiller exploded." "Fascinating, how is this?" He asks. "I went back to my room and fell asleep; in my sleep I re-lived the whole thing observing as the past replayed. I saw Kylo and I dueling in the forest," I explained. "There is something more you are keeping from me." I took a deep breath, did I really want to tell Luke about what happened? Yes, he is my master, he is there to help me. "Um... well you see while we were dueling the planet wasn't stable due to the Resistance attacking from the air... we were locked in a strength battle when I noticed his guard was down and I struck him across the face. He fell back as the ground beneath me started to crumble and collapse. ...I really should of died... except as I fell he...h..e.. um.. saved me." Luke had a feeling Rey was not telling him the whole story, but he put it behind him. "He saved you?" "Yes, as I was falling he used the force to lift me safely back up onto the ground..." "Leia was right.." Luke says quietly. "Pardon?" "Leia has always believed that Ben has never fully perished and that is still alive deep down. And from what you just told me that was the proof, he is alive and he can be saved," Luke says. "I forgot to tell you earlier however, I received word from the Resistance that they are the target of the First Order's next attack, they need our help, and we are heading out tomorrow morning to return back to the base. It's about time everyone sees us again anyways." I was filled with joy, I finally would be reunited with Finn and Poe! "Yes Master! Except what about my training?" "Rey, you have been training here for five months now. You are ready." I nodded. "Now Rey it is getting late you better head back to your room and get some rest for tomorrow." "Yes Master," I reply and make my way back to my room.

I awoke to the light of dawn. I was so excited to go back to the Resistance base and reunite with everyone! I packed everything as quickly as possible and headed up to Luke's room. I arrived just as he was finishing his packing. "Good morning, I see you are quiet excited." "Yes I am, I'm excited to see everyone." "Ok, I'm all set, shall we go." I nodded, and off we went, heading towards the ship. Right before I entered the ship I turned around to look out at the beautiful waters of Ahch-To, would this be the last time I every saw them? I did not know but I'm excited for what the future holds for me. I took in one last breath of Ahch-To's fresh air and glance of its alluring sea, before I entered the aircraft. And just like that, we were off and heading for the resistance. 

Hey guys I know this part was short but REYLO IS COMING SOON I PROMISE!!!!!!!

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