Chapter 7

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"I can't believe it, I can't believe that Ky..Ben and I were best friends. ...I loved him." I laid in my bed not able to concentrate, it was just so much to take in. That Kylo Ren one of the most powerful force users in the galaxy once was my very best friend that understood me better than anyone. That we had such a special relationship, that we loved and cared for each other when our own families could never be there.

All of this was very overwhelming so before I knew it I drifted off to sleep while lying on my bed. In my sleep a dream begun..

I was in StarKiller base standing on a bridge. In front of me was a man, it was hard to tell who it was from the back however the person standing before him was unmistakable; it was Kylo Ren. I could hear Kylo telling this figure how he was being torn apart, and that he had to do something but didn't know if he has the strength to do it. A terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach rapidly grew as I could feel that something horrific was about it happen. And just like that something did... Before anyone could do anything about it a red lightsaber went through the man's torso standing before me. As this man started to fall I realized who it was... it was Han Solo and he had just been killed by his own son. I heard a voice from up above scream, "NOOOOO" yet as soon as I heard it everything changed and suddenly I appeared in a snow-covered forest on the outside of StarKiller.

I saw myself with Finn and Kylo across from us. The other me lunged at him only to be thrown into a tree; Finn took the lightsaber from my hand, revenge flowing through his blood. He attempted to fight him, however he was no match for Kylo. He was struck down in the back and collapsed to the ground howling in pain. I ran over to see if he was okay but I couldn't do anything, only watch myself as I took my best shot at battling Kylo. We were in the middle of a strength battle, face to face, when I noticed that his guard was down. Using this to my other-self's advantage I struck him in the face causing him to fall back into the snow. I as well fell back into the snow when the ground beneath me shook and started to crumble. I could see the terror in my face as the ground started to collapse with myself standing on top of it. As Kylo was watching me, I saw something strange ignite inside of him and he did the unbelievable; he saved me from falling to my death. I was astonished that he actually saved my life, and before I knew it, I saw my own arms wrap around Kylo's waist as I thanked him. The ground shook again causing them to leave into the base.

The scene faded black again and I appeared in a room in StarKiller base where I saw them sitting together on the end of a bed. She was cleaning the wound I had placed on Kylo's face when I realized something. This was not the Kylo Ren everyone feared, siting right before me, this was my old best friend Ben. He was still alive deep down and I knew I could bring him back to the light. I watched in awe as Ben slowly leaned in to kiss me, and I, to my own misbelief leaned in as well; right before our lips met a huge bang echoed through-out the room, I saw Ben jump up ready to protect me with his life. Before anything else could happen I was pulled out of the dream.

I awoke quiet abruptly, breathing heavily with sweat beating on my head. I finally remembered what had happened, the day StarKiller was abolished; it was the day Ben Solo was resurrected. I saw Ben, he is still alive inside of this Kylo Ren, and I will bring him back to the light at whatever cost.

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