Chapter 22

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Hey everyone! I drew a drawing of the proposal date from the last chapter but I didn't want the picture to give it away at the beginning, so here it is!

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Hey everyone! I drew a drawing of the proposal date from the last chapter but I didn't want the picture to give it away at the beginning, so here it is!

I woke up the next morning feeling like a new man. The pull to the darkness felt completely gone and I had Rey to thank for that. I look down to see her sleeping like an angel on my chest and can't help but smile seeing the ring I had given her around her finger.

The sun was beginning to glisten through the window lighting up the room. Rey began to stir and soon I was met by those sparkling hazel eyes of hers. "Good morning," she yawned. "Good morning," I respond as I brush her hair to the side so I can see her adorable face. "Rey," I start. "Yes Ben?" She says barely awake. "I'm ready," I tell her. "What?" She asks rubbing her eyes to look up at me. "I'm ready to go back. Knowing you're mine and the belonging I feel to always be with you, there is no pull to the darkness anymore. Also you've been away from home long enough," I say. "That's great!" She says caressing my cheek, "But Ben, the Resistance is not my home. It never was. Whenever I'm with you I get this feeling I've never experienced before. I feel at home, like I belong. Being with you, wherever you are is my home not the Resistance," she explains joyfully giving me a quick kiss before resting her head on my chest again. My body was overcome with happiness, "Wherever you are is my home too beautiful," I assure her with a kiss on the head.

Suddenly I sense something approaching. The last thing I would ever want coming near here or Rey. I jolt up. "Ben? What's wrong?" Rey asks worriedly sensing how tense I am. "We need to leave now," I tell her. "Why?! What is it?" she questions. "The First Order, they're coming," I warn. Her eyes widen, "Ok, we don't have much stuff. I can quickly pack while you get the freighter ready to take us to the Resistance Base," she tells me as she gets out of bed. "Okay," I say getting out of bed and heading outside. I jog down the stairs as quickly as I can and head to where I parked the freighter, which luckily is very close. I climb it, turn it on, make sure everything is working, and prepare to enter the coordinates for the base. Wait. I don't know where the resistance base is. Only a second later Rey comes hurrying down the stairs ready to go. "Rey, I don't know where the Resistance base is," I tell her as she climbs in and sits in my lap. "I got it," she says while entering the coordinates for... "The Ileenium system, I would of never thought to look so far in the outer rim," I tell her. "That is exactly why the base is hidden there," she laughs. I laugh reaching for the controls wrapping my arms around Rey as we take off into the sky. Just as we are about to leave the atmosphere I see First Order ships entering, however they are too late. We are too far away from them for them to see us in this small of a ship. "Good thing you sensed them coming. We could be stuck in some serious trouble right now if it weren't for you," Rey says giving me a quick kiss. "Anything to keep you safe," I tell her returning the kiss. She looks back out the window getting one last look at Naboo before resting her head on my chest, "I'm going to miss this place," she sighs. "One day, we will come back," I assure her making her smile.


Since D'Qar was on the outer rim it took a lot longer to reach it then our journey to Naboo.

Some amount of hours later we entered the Ileenium system when we got a transmission from the base, "You are unauthorized in this area. State your purpose and ID code," a voice demanded. Rey grabbed the speaker and said, "This is Rey requesting to land." "Rey!" A voice shouted back almost immediately. "Rey are you alone?" A voice asked making me cringe. She turned her head to look at me and I nodded my head giving her permission. "No," Rey responded. "Rey... is my son with you?" My mothers voice asked. She took my hand in hers, "Yes, he is." "You brought the man who tried to kill us all!" Someone yelled in the background, the voice sounded oddly familiar. After a pause, "Permission granted I will meet you at the hangar," Leia says before the transmission ends. Maybe this wasn't the right choice coming back just yet. No one seems to want me here anyways. "Ben, don't beat yourself up. Your mother misses you so much and is so glad your coming back. You made the right choice and I'll be with you every step of the way," Rey tells me with a reassuring smile as bright as all the stars in the galaxy. "Okay, you're right," I give in. 

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