Chapter 15

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It takes a few minutes but I finally regain my breath as I slide my hand up and gently take off Kylo's mask. He takes it from my hands and sets it on the floor beside us. "Thank you," I say looking up into his gorgeous eyes. I could tell he was angry, angry that I was harmed. "Really Ben, don't worry, I'm fine. I promise," I assure him. "Rey you could of been severally hurt, and... it's my fault," he stutters as his eyes drop to the floor. I place my hand on his cheek adjusting his face to look at me. "Hey, don't say that it's not your fault. I'm fine, you're with me now," I smile. He blushes a little, defeated, "I'm just glad you're okay... Rey." "Yes?" He looks like he is contemplating on whether or not he should continue, until he finally makes up his mind. "Please let me teach you the ways of the force, this way I can make sure no harm ever comes to you. Together we could be unstoppable," he begs. It was strange seeing him this vulnerable. Wait! He didn't offer to teach me the dark side, just the force. Maybe I can use this as a way to end up showing him the light side and turning him back into Ben.


I sat in the interrogation room holding Rey tightly in my arms. After seeing what just happened to her I felt terrible. If I had just gone to get her myself instead of sending those troopers she never would of gotten hurt. Now she is in my arms contemplating on her answer to my offer. Hopefully Supreme Leader was correct and this will do the trick seeing I didn't mention the dark side. But I was still super nervous for her answer, because if she says no I'm afraid of what Supreme Leader will want me to do.

"Okay, I'll do it." My eyes widen. Was I dreaming? Did Rey really just agree to be my apprentice? I stare down at her in disbelief. "Really?" I ask. "Why, do you not want me to?" She questions. "No no no no," I stand up with her in my arms and swing her around, "This is magnificent!" I exclaim and bring her into a hug. She smiles back with her smile as bright as all the stars in the galaxy.

Suddenly her face is filled with sorrow. "Rey? Are you okay? What's wrong?" She just stares at me for a moment lost in thought until her hand rises and gently traces over the scar across my face. I close my eyes to her touch. Her hands so delicate and soft running over my face leaving a trail of hot flames as they move. Quietly she says, "I'm sorry," as her hand drops back into her lap. I gently grasp her hand and lift it back up to my face holding it there, "Don't be, every time I see it, it reminds me of my purpose. It reminds me of you. I see it and remember the last day of StarKiller and I first day my feelings for you returned. When the pull started tugging again. Every day I'm with you it gets stronger, you give me a feeling of home," I explain. "Kylo..." she starts to say something then stops. I pull her back into my embrace. 'Whatever it is, you can tell me.' I assure her through the force. "I...I..I love... you." At that moment my heart skipped a beat. I haven't heard anyone say that to me in years, and to hear it from Rey, it meant the world to me. 'She is making you weak, she doesn't love you. She will be the downfall of you. Do you really want to throw everything you have worked so hard to achieve away? Think about how your grandfather would feel, he would be disappointed.' A voice tells me in my head, I know it's Snoke, it's the same voice that taunted me at the Jedi Academy. But is he right? I look back down at those warm melting eyes of Rey and begin to say, "I..I-" only to get interrupted by a bang on the door.

I turn and walk towards the door with Rey close behind as Hux appears, "Supreme Leader would like a word with you." "Yes, I'll be there in a few minutes," I tell Hux as he disappears once again. I turn towards Rey signaling her to follow me and I return her to her room, "I'll be back later, stay here. There is food inside for you," I explain. She looks bummed that I'm leaving her again but she smiles and nods her head then closes the door behind her. 

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