Chapter 3

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I watched Finn as he drifted back off into unconsciousness. It pained me to see him enduring some much pain. But, I knew one thing; I had to find Rey, for Finn.

I waved goodbye to Chewbacca as he flew away in the Falcon taking Finn back to the Resistance Base. "Poor guy, must be hard for him without Han," I thought. Now, my mission, to locate and retrieve Rey.


We reach an entrance to Starkiller and go inside. Still holding on to my hand we walk down the hallway and into a room. I'm so exhausted from everything that has happened today,  I find myself sitting down on the end of a bed trying to grasp a hold of everything. Kylo sits down beside me, and when I turn to look at him, that's when I see it. I let out a small gasp at the gaping scar running across his face. There is plenty of dry blood splattered across it. I feel a small pang in my stomach and I know that I did that to him and I need to help him. I get up from the bed leaving him and walking into the bathroom. I find a towel, rinse it with some water, and walk back out to the bed.


I see the regret reflected in Rey's eyes as they land upon the scar running across my face. She gets up, walks to the bathroom, and comes back with a wet towel. She sits back down next to me, very close. She reaches her hand out to clean the gash, but I pull back and find myself staring down at the bed. "Kylo I need to clean your wound," she says softly. She puts her hand under my chin and raises my head to meet her eyes. "I won't hurt you. I promise," Rey says.

I don't say anything, but I find myself staring into her beautiful hazel eyes as she uses the towel to clean my wound. Her hands are so gentle as they touch my face, acting as if one wrong move and it would shatter into a million pieces. 

A few minutes pass as she concentrates on cleaning it with the best of her ability. Once she finishes she places the towel down on the little table beside us and looks back at me, only to find that I'm already staring at her. I give her a shy smile and tell her, "Thank you." She smiles back. I feel myself begin to lean in, the distance between us minimizing, and right when are lips are about to brush, a loud bang echoes throughout the room. I jump up, immediately standing  in front of Rey, lightsaber in my hand, prepared to protect her with my life.

The door comes flying down, shooting pieces of metal everywhere. Little did I realize that one had hit Rey, knocking her out. Blaster shots come flying into the room, and it's not the First Order shooting. I deflect as many as I can, but I'm outnumbered. One nails me in my gut, sending me tumbling to the ground. I watch as a young man with brown hair strides in. He searches the room, until his eyes land on Rey. "There she is, get her, and bring her back to the ship!" He commands. A group of Resistance soldiers come rushing in and pick up Rey. I try to stop them, but my current state is much too weak. All I can do is watch as they take her away from me. Deep down something doesn't feel right.

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