Chapter 4

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Now that we have Rey, myself along with the other resistance fighters, rush back to our ships as quickly as possible. We need to get back to the Resistance, and this base has become a ticking time bomb. 

We load Rey onto the ship, however she is still unconscious. I have no idea what happened to her inside the base, but I hope she's alright. 

We just escaped the planet's atmosphere, when I hear a big boom sound from behind me. Glancing back, I see that the whole base exploded into thin air. Perfect timing, hopefully all our fighters escaped in time.


When I land at the Resistance base, I am immediately greeted by General Organa. "Poe! Glad to see you're okay!" She exclaims with a big smile, however her tone quickly changes to a more worried one, "Did you find her?" She asks. "Yes general. However, when we found her she was unconscious, and she still is," I explain. "Oh, okay. We need to get her to the hospital wing right away." She nods to two men, and they carefully lift Rey up onto a stretcher, and take her to the hospital wing.

As the General and I walk further inside the Resistance base, she tells me, "Tonight, we will be holding a feast to celebrate our victory against the First Order." I grin back, "That's wonderful!" Yet, something still plays on my mind, "...General..?" "Yes?" She says curiously. "Do you think Rey will be alright?" "Well, before you arrived, I visited Finn.." My eyes lit up at the mention of his name, and she definitely noticed. "Finn is doing just fine. He is recovering slowly, but should be up and walking again in a week." I allowed myself to relax at her reassuring words. "He said that Rey was with Kylo Ren and himself, that she and Kylo were dueling on the outskirts of the base. But I think there is more to the story. Before he could say much more he fell back asleep from all the medications he is on," she explains. "Oh, how interesting. When I came upon Rey, she was unconscious with Kylo inside of the base," I confess. "Oh, how strange.. Well, I need to return to the control center, I will see you tonight Poe," Then she smiles and walks away.


BANG! We barely made it off of Starkiller before the whole thing obliterated into a million pieces. To my luck, once Rey was taken from me -which wasn't lucky-, Hux and a group of Storm troopers had located me, and moved me onto an evacuation ship just in time. Our next destination is Endor, where an old Empire base rest. There are no civilizations here except for the tales of Ewoks that once inhabited Endor. However, no one has seen any in years, so we shouldn't have any problems or be detected by the Resistance for a while.


I'm heading down to the hospital wing to check on Rey. I realize I'm letting my curiosities run wild, which I know I shouldn't, but I would really like to know what happened with my son. I know he is still alive, I can feel it; but his whereabouts are unknown. I just hope he's alright; I know he can be saved.

I arrive at the hospital, and am greeted at the front desk by a robot who escorts me to Rey's room. To my surprise Finn is already waiting outside of her door in a wheelchair. He said he wanted to check on Rey and her wellbeing. To make sure she is alright. 

We both enter the room, and see Rey asleep on her hospital bed. She slowly opens her eyes, when her eyes land on us, and lets out a small smile. "Rey your okay!" Finn gasps with a huge smile. Before he could speak any further, a confused look surfaces on Rey's face, "Where am I?" she asks. "You in the hospital at the Resistance base," I inform her. "...Rey... what's the last thing you remember..?" Finn asks, worry clearly evident on his face. "Um.. I don't know... Everyone was in a room discussing the plan on how to take down StarKiller Base," she says. "Wait Rey.. is that the most recent thing you remember?!?" Finn exclaims. "Yes... is that bad." Rey asks cautiously. "Well Rey I'm afraid you have lost some of your memory," I cut in. "Oh.." she says dropping her gaze to her feet. "Don't worry, just rest, and hopefully you will remember some more. I'll come check up on you tomorrow." I explain. She nods, and squeezes Finn's hand as he says goodbye. Then we both exit from the room.

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