Chapter 25

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About an hour or two after the meeting I started to wonder where Ben was. I didn't worry though, the base is very safe and he is probably catching back up with his mom after all this time. In the mean time, I made us both sandwiches leaving Ben's on the counter before going into the living room. There was a huge bookcase covering one wall with all sorts of books about everything and anything. Some on planets, some on ships, and some on people and creatures. I laid down on the couch and started reading one about this obese green slug-like creature know as Jabba the Hutt. Jabba was a Hutt gangster, one of the most powerful crime lords, as well as a member of the Grand Hutt Council, who lived in a palace on the planet Tatooine. He controlled the bulk of the trafficking in illegal goods, piracy and slavery that generated most of the planet's wealth. He seemed to have a thing with having slave girls as a Twi'Lek slave was pictured dancing for him. 'I would hate to be a slave to a Hutt,' I thought. "Yes that would be rather unfortunate," a voice says from above me. I look up to see Ben standing over me. I smile, "I take it you found lunch?" "Yes, thank you by the way," he told me sitting down on the couch beside me. Setting the book down, I crawl over and into his lap as he wraps his arms around my figure. "So what did your mom say?" I ask. "We caught up on everything after all these years apart, and discussed some of the plan to get rid of Snoke for good during the mission since I assume he will be present at the base wanting to oversee the destruction of the Resistance first hand. She will be holding another meeting, most likely tomorrow to discuss the plan further," he told me. "Well I'm glad you and your mother caught back up," I told him placing a kiss on his cheek. "I was going to go for a walk if you would like to come along," I inform in. "Okay," he says standing up with me in his arms. "But first, you might want to put on a bathing suit on," I tell him smiling.

We both got changed into our bathing suits then headed out of the base and into the forest that surrounds it. I led the way using my memory from the last time I was here as directions. After wandering for some time I hear it; the sound of water splashing. I hurry my pace in anticipation to get there. I hear Ben's footsteps behind me trying to keep up, and soon enough I see it. The beautiful lake glistening in the sun with a small waterfall pooling into it. "Wow, where did you find this place?" Ben asks taking in the view. "When I was returning from this Ancient Jedi Temple to the base, I got lost and stumbled upon this before you found me," I tell him. "Ancient Jedi Temple?" He questions curiously. "Ya, it's on the top of this big mountain between this forest and the coast. It's not far from here," I tell him thinking about my visit there.


I was very curious about this temple. "Last one to the water is a rotten mynock!" I hear Rey tease bringing me out of my thoughts. I look and see Rey sprinting towards the lake before my feet start moving beneath me, minimizing the distance beneath us. I catch up to her and lean over catching my breath. She laughs beside me before I feel her hands pressed up against my side and suddenly I am falling. 'No she didn't, I'm going to get her back for this,' I think before my body is engulfed in cold water. I swim underneath the surface until I reach the side of the lake. I carefully crawl out onto the shore laying on my stomach with half of my body pressed up against the sand. "Ben?" I hear Rey call. "Ben!" Rey exclaims, the guilt clear in her voice as she spots me from above. She quickly runs down to me, kneeling at my side. "Oh my gosh Ben I'm so sorry! I should of never done that!" I feel her hands grab ahold of my shoulders as she turns me over onto my back.

Once I'm turned over and she looks at my face to see me laughing she punches me in the shoulder. "Ow! What was that for?!" I whine between laughs. "You nearly scared me half to death!" She exclaims the worry present in her voice. "You should of seen your face," I grin. She stands up and starts walking back up along the edge of the cliff when I paralyze her through the force. I get up off the sand and head towards where she is frozen. "Benn," she complains. "You know, I think it's only fair you get a splash in the water too," I say with a mischievous smirk. "No.... Ben!" She exclaims as I pick her up. Now standing right on the edge of the cliff I hold her out above the water. She finally manages to break the force hold I have on her and starts to squirm in my grip, before I could stop her, she slipped out of my hands and began to fall. "Ben I ca-," she gets cut off as her body submerges in the water. After a moment I feel a great amount of stress and fear coming from Rey making me glance down at the water. I see her struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the lake, and that's when I realized what she was trying to tell me... she can't swim. I jump into the lake and swim to Rey as quick as I can. I quickly dive down and grab her bringing her up to the surface with me. She gasps for air once we reach the surface; coughing out all the water in her lungs. I hold onto her making sure her head stays above the surface before we make it to where she can stand. I place her down carefully holding onto her waist making sure her feet touch the ground. "Rey, I'm so sorry," I apologize. "It's okay, you didn't know," She tells me with a reassuring smile, however I still felt terrible. "No, I should of known since your memories where taken from you, then you grew up on a desert planet with next to no water," I tell her. "What memories?" She questions placing her hand on my chin so I look at her. "When we were younger at the Jedi Academy, sometimes during our free time or a day off we used to sneak away to this secret cove along the coast. I taught you how to swim there," I told her. Rey's eyes glistened,  "I'd love if you could re-teach me," she smiled.

We spent another few hours in the water re-teaching Rey to swim before it started to get dark. We both got out of the water and dried off with a towel. "That was really fun. Thank you," Rey said. "Anytime," I told her, leaning over to place a kiss on her lips. We made our way back to the base just as the sun passed behind the cliffs.

On our way back to our room we received a few stares from people seeing us holding hands, I just shook it off, and Rey didn't seemed bothered by it either, more proud. By the time we reached our room we were both exhausted, swimming takes a lot of energy. Ruling the galaxy seemed to take less energy then swimming, but it was worth it. I changed then laid down in bed when Rey went to the bathroom. I closed my eyes and soon felt body heat radiating off a figure now nuzzled into my side. I smiled knowing it was Rey, and wrapped my arms around her before we drifted off into sleep.

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