Chapter 1

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My voice is just as stunned as I am. All I can do is stand in shock, as I watch my father figure; Han Solo, fall off the bridge to his death, because of his own son, Kylo Ren.

Looking down at Kylo on the bridge, I can see the torment inside of him. Through whatever connection that formed between us in the interrogation room, I can feel the shock, guilt, and regret beginning to tear him apart. He deserves every bit of it. He murdured his own father who was only trying to save him. He is truly a monster

The feel of someone tugging at my arm, snaps me back into reality as I turn to see Finn. I was so taken away watching Kylo and Han, I forgot he's been standing beside me this whole time. "Come on, we need to get out of here before this whole base explodes with us on it," Finn says anxiously. I nod my head in agreement.

Before I know it, we are running through the eerie, snow covered forest on the outskirts of StarKiller, searching for the Millennium Falcon. I jump, when I hear an all too familiar humming noise emitting from the shadows before us. A luminous red light emerges from behind a tree, followed by a certain silhouette I never wanted to come across again. "We're not finished yet!" He yells. 

The surface quakes beneath us, shaking the ground beneath my feet. This base is not longer stable, and we need to get off of it as soon as possible. Whatever is about to happen, needs to happen fast. 

Kylo slowly saunters towards us; his eyes beholding a predatory glaze, as he watches us like skittish prey. He's trying to intimate us, and try as he will on Finn, he does not scare me anymore. 

Suddenly, I'm flooded with overwhelming anger at the thought of how he killed Han, kept me as his prisoner, and read my mind against my will. I instantly ignite Skywalker's lightsaber and charge at Kylo, aiming to strike him down, and get off this base once and for all. However, before I can make my first attack, Kylo's hand shoots out towards me, and I am thrown up into the air straight into a tree. My back makes contact against the cold bark before the whole world goes black.


I grin sensing Rey's anger that is powering her. She is getting closer and closer to turning to the dark side. She charges at me, however I move faster and fling her out of my way. She collides with a nearby tree, and collapses to the snow unmoving. A small part of me calls to go and check on her, to make sure she is alright; killing her is not part of my plan. But, I can sense her pulse, and I know she is only unconscious.

I watch as the traitor sprints over to Rey's side checking to make sure she is okay. Not able to wake her, he overflows with anger and worry. He takes the lightsaber from Rey's hand and stances himself for a duel. 

He has no right to touch that saber; it's mine! "TRAITOR!" I yell. He tries to attack me, but is no match for my power. He continues to strike, but I counter his every blow. I am much stronger than him, physically and mentally. 

I hear the X-wings attacking overhead. FN2187 is simply wasting my time. I swing harshly at him, full force behind my hit, causing him to stumble in the deep snow. He is growing tired and weak, it won't be much longer until he reaches his limit. 

A few minutes pass, when a voice calls out into the night. "STOP!" It screams. It's Rey. The second FN2187 turns to look at Rey, surprise clearly evident to see her standing, I use that second to my advantage, and strike him down. "FINNN," Rey screams as FN2187 collapses to the ground unconscious, beholding a deep bloody gash running down his spine. 

Rey runs up to FN2187, checking to see if he is alive. I watch as her eyes grow glossy, tears threatening to pour through. She was so preoccupied with FN2187 that she didn't even hear me approaching until my lightsaber's fluorescent red glow surrounded the snow around her. She trembles at its proximity to her neck. I can sense the fear radiating off of her in waves, just like our encounter on Takodana.

This was my chance, I had her at my mercy. My lightsaber was pointed right at her back; I could kill her right here and get this all over with. But is that what I really wanted? Maybe for Snoke, yes, but she was different than all the people I killed before. Her presence was familiar, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Its extremely rare to come across a force user now days, and Rey, still impressionable, could be a great asset. 

She sensed my hesitantance, and used that time to grab the lightsaber from FN2187's hand, and into hers to deflect my saber from going through her back. "STOP HURTING MY FRIENDS" she yells as she jumps up, "I HATE YOU!" Deep down I knew she was lying, she is just as curious as I am.

Her lightsaber bashes with mine and it becomes a battle of strength. Her lightsaber is pressed against mine, and I couldn't help but look into her eyes. Those beautiful hazel orbs, so filled with light. They were hypnotizing, like light to a moth at night. Whenever I was around her the pull to the light got stronger, trying to wash away the dark. I was so taken away staring into her eyes, she noticed my guard was down and struck at me, skimming my face, and sending me falling back into the snow.

The ground tremors again, this time knocking Rey over into the snow. It is evident she is exhausted, her heart pounding out of her chest. The surface begins to tear apart forming a giant chasm. The ground below Rey begins to crumble and collapse, with her lying on top of it. Panic written on her face she tries to escape the collapsing ground, but is too late. Her eyes overcome with fear, not ready to die.

Hello new reader! Thanks for checking out my book!!! I hope you liked my first ever chapter and will continue to read the whole fanfic! (it doesn't end the same exact way as the movie)!💕 :D Enjoy!❤️ 

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