Chapter 16

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I enter the room and see Snoke's hologram before me, on instinct I bow on one knee. "I see you have succeeded in seducing the scavenger." "Yes, she agreed to train Supreme Leader." "Good, very good. She is now your apprentice, train her in the force and make her one of us." I didn't like the idea of having the Rey of light distinguished but right now there was no other option. "Kylo, I feel in the force your loyalty fading, do not form feelings for this scavenger. She will become a weakness and destroy you from the inside out, and think about how that would make your grandfather feel when you fail him," he says in a menacing tone. "She doesn't love you, no one does, you heard her yourself, you're a monster." I feel as if my insides are crumbling; shattered, he's right. Why would a girl like her tell me she loves me, it's all just one big lie. "Yes, Supreme Leader," I say then make way back to my room for the night.

I'm furious this is all just some game to her. To warm up to me and use me. I take out my lightsaber and slash at the wall taking out my anger. Once I finally calm down and finish taking my anger out, I lie down in bed and rethink everything. I think about earlier today, holding Rey in my arms and the excitement when she said she would let me train her. I see the love and compassion in her eyes when she told me she loved me, it all seemed so real, but now I know the truth that it was just a trap. Still there is this little voice on the side of my mind asking me how do I know this is true? Snoke fed me lies as a child and look where that brought me, who's to say he isn't lying again? Soon my exhaustion catches up and I fall into a deep sleep.

"Ben, a voice calls. I jolt up, "Who's there?" I ask looking around me room. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and spot a figure standing before me. "Hello," the figure says with a smile. "Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" I question at the man standing before me. "My name is Anakin Skywalker," he informs me. No way, this can't be real. "Grandfather?" He nods his head. "I've come to set things straight. Snoke is deceiving you, just like how the Emperor deceived me and I don't want what happened to me to happen to you too. He can feel you drifting away from him and to try and stop it he is feeding you lies. The girl you have here is one in a million. She-." I cut him off, "She is just using me, she doesn't love me. She thinks I'm a monster just like everybody else." "Ben! Take a look around, remember her face you saw earlier today with her in your arms, she would never lie to you and you know it to be true. Love is the most powerful yet dangerous feeling you have. Just forget this life here and take her back home with you," he insists. "Grandfather, I would be failing you, Snoke says-." He comes up to me and places both of his hands on my shoulders. "Ben, I am the one who once called himself Darth Vader not Snoke and here I am standing before you and I can assure you that you leaving Snoke and the dark side behind to go to the light with Rey would never make me angry or ashamed of you. You would be finishing what I started," he says with a smile. It was like a light in my head suddenly clicked on, everything made sense. I was just a tool to Snoke that he filled with lies. "You're... you're right. I'm done with this life of pain and suffering!" "Ah, about time you came around-," he gets cut off by a high pitched scream. REY. I quickly look over to my grandfather, "You know the right thing to do; may the force be with you," he says giving me one last smile before disappearing into thin air.

I run as fast as I can to the door separating mine and Rey's room and fling it open to see Rey sitting on her bed covered in sweat, shaking, and looks like she has been crying. I run over to her and take her in my arms. "Ben," she cries out. "Shhhh. Don't worry I'm here," I tell her rubbing her back to comfort her. "I...I.. had this terrible nightmare that this old man killed you... and I couldn't do anything about it, and... I watched you... die," she chokes out and begins to cry again into my neck. "Rey," I lift up her chin to look at me, wiping away her tears, "Rey, I'm right here, nothing is going to happen to me or you. Okay?" She sniffles, "You promise?" Just as I'm about to say I promise, instead I show her. I gently grab her head in my hands and press my lips together with hers. The second they connect it's like a fire ignited. I can feel the force surging through the two of us as the kiss becomes deeper when she wraps her arms behind my neck. After a few minutes we both break away from the kiss, speechless, breathing heavily. She lays her head in the crook of my neck and I can tell she is exhausted, I look over at the clock and it's 1am. Carefully I pick her up bridal style in my arms and head back to my room. "Ben?" she questions. I look down into her gorgeous hazel eyes and tell her, "No more nightmares tonight."

I close the door to my room, lock it, then lay Rey down on my bed before climbing in with her. The second I lay down Rey snuggles up to me and clings onto me draping her arm across my chest. I smile as I wrap my arms around her pulling her as close as I can to me. "Rey." "Hmm?" She says too tired to talk. "I love you," I finally did it, I finally got it out and God did it feel great to finally say it; to let her know the truth. I could feel her smile in joy against my chest. Her words are muffled because of how tired she is and she is talking against my chest but I can still make out two words of her response... "I know."

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