Chapter 6

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Training was not an easy task. I trained long, hard days with Master Luke. Nevertheless I was becoming a great and powerful Jedi. I have learned so much since when I first began training.

I awoke with the luminous glow shinning into my room from the morning sun. As I crawl out of bed and get dressed for the day, I can't help but look out my window at the captivating waters of Ahch-To. I can see why Master Luke first came and hid here; the planet is stunningly beautiful. Once I get myself ready for the day, I leave my room and head up to Master Luke's. Just as I arrive I see that Master Luke is already awake and is meditating right outside of his room. I take a seat nearby and patiently wait for Master Luke to finish meditating. I only have to wait a few minutes before he "comes back." "I see you are awake and ready to start today's training," Luke says. "Yes, master," I say in response. As Luke glances at me, a curious expression surfaces on Luke's face. "Something is troubling you Rey. What is it?" "It's nothing Master." I tell him, but Luke can see through my lies. "Rey, I know you are lying. Whatever it is you can tell me," he says calmly. "It's just I still can't remember what happened to me the day the resistance destroyed StarKiller base, and on top of that I have no memory from my childhood, which I wish I did. I know that I shouldn't let it bug me, but I just feel like part of me is missing," I tell Luke. Luke ponders for a moment before he answers; "Rey, I believe you are ready now, and deserve to remember your childhood memories that were taken from you. But what happened on StarKiller you must remember yourself. I can only guide you." And with that Rey closed her eyes and a memory appeared..


"Rey, I'd like you to meet my nephew Ben."

"Hel..lo.." Rey said shyly hiding by Luke's legs.

It was Rey's first day at the Jedi Training Academy and she was very nervous.

"Hello, nice to meet you." Ben said with a smile.

"Ben I have to return to a class, do you think you could finish showing Rey around?" Luke asked.

"Yes." He nodded.

With that Luke left, leaving Ben and Rey by themselves. Ben continued to show Rey around the academy.

Being the only person she knew Rey hung around Ben a lot when she wasn't training. She didn't really have friends other than Ben, the other padawans seemed to pick on her a lot because of how small she was. Nevertheless she always felt safe around Ben. At that instant another memory appeared in Rey's mind.

Ben and her were walking past the courtyard one day after class when Rey heard a voice call from behind her. She turned to see a small group of padawans a few years older than her, about Ben's age coming towards them.

"Aww who's your new little friend Benny." The boy in the front teased.

Ben did not respond, he took a few deep breathes to try to calm himself down. Rey, noticing this tugged on Ben's sleeve, "C'mon Ben lets go."

"Oh, is she gonna protect you?" He teased again.

Rey could sense the anger growing in Ben as he clenched his fist and tried to control himself.

"Ben, ignore them. Please let's go." Rey said looking up at Ben's face. She could tell this wasn't working.

"Ben.... please for me." Rey said with sincere in her eyes.

Ben pondered for a few moments, however something about Rey calmed him down. So he turned his head and started walking away with Rey neglecting the other padawans. There was something about Rey that was different than everyone else here. She gave him the feeling of warmth and belonging when he was with her. As that memory faded yet another memory surfaced.

It was a few years later; Ben was seventeen and Rey was fourteen. Ben and Rey were the best of friends; always there for each other and always together. Except no one not even Rey knew that recently Ben has been hearing a voice in his head. One promising power and control, except for the price of betrayal.

The voices were becoming a little too much for Ben, they would haunt him in his sleep to the point where he couldn't handle it anymore and he needed to tell someone. His own parents where never there for him because they were always "busy," and so was Luke with the whole academy. On the other hand Rey was always there for Ben whenever he needed her, always listening, it was one of the many things he loved about her.

One day Ben came up to Rey meditating in their special spot. After class everyday they would meet up here and hang out at their secret area no one knew about. Today was different, Ben made up his mind and decided that he was gonna tell Rey the truth.


"Yes Ben?" She said her voice filled with kindness.

"I...I need to tell you something," Ben said nervously.

Hearing Ben's nervousness she turned to face Ben. "What's wrong Ben?"

But Ben only stared at her beautiful face now looking at him speechless.

"Ben, whatever it is you can tell me." She smiled and put her hand on Ben's arm.

He told Rey, he told her everything. Everything that has been happening with the voice in his head. That he doesn't know who it is, except they say that they have such a better plan for him, where he can rise to his full potential. Promising him he will never be alone and that he will be only the most powerful.

Rey didn't know how to respond. She tried her best to comfort Ben and tell him, that everything was gonna be alright. However she had already lost him. Later that day Ben was not able to control himself any longer, so when that same group of padawans confronted him alone, he was not able to hold himself together without Rey. From that one of the padawans got severely injured when he unleashed his anger. Seeing this dangerous side of him frightened Rey and put her in danger as well causing Luke to erase her memory and send her away to Jakku where Ben wouldn't be able to find her. Luke did not realize that Rey was the only thing keeping him sane. Now that Rey was gone Ben went insane and ran away. He did not return until the night Luke will never forget.

It was already dark and the academy was asleep. However Ben or should I say Kylo Ren was not asleep and was approaching the academy with the Knights of Ren to make them pay for what they did to him. Him and his knights slaughtered everyone there except for Luke who got away, and Rey. He had told all the Knights beforehand of her and that she shall not be killed or harmed. But Rey was not there. When Kylo asked where Rey was his only response was, "Far away from you, where she is safe!" He was infuriated, he could no longer sense Rey's presence. He had lost her, he had lost his Rey of light.

End of Flashback

As Rey opened her eyes to look at Luke she was speechless. " mean I was best friends with Kylo.. I mean Ben?" she asked. "Yes, I should of never separated you two, you were the only thing keeping him sane. I am deeply sorry Rey," Luke apologizes. "It's okay. You didn't know." "I think today you can have the day off; no training. Just rest," he says. "Okay, thank you Master," and with that Rey nods her head and makes her way back to her room, processing everything.

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