Chapter 5

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"I don't understand, how could she not remember any of it! The whole battle! And the defeat of StarKiller like it never even happened!" I cry out. "She must of been rendered unconscious because she suffered a bad blow to the head... causing memory loss," Leia explains. "Do you think she will ever remember?" I ask hopelessly. "We need to give her time, be patient with her, and not rush anything. With that and good hope, hopefully the memories she lost, will return to her," Leia explains. I nod sadly, and continue on my way to the dinning hall for the feast.

When we arrive at the great hall, it is filled with laughter and happiness coming from all the people inside.  Everyone and anyone on the base is here, and they are all eating, talking, celebrating, just having a grand ole' time. I wish Rey could of attended, but her nurse wouldn't allow Rey to come, saying that she had to stay in her hospital room and rest. 

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I spin around to face a smiling Poe. "Poe!" I exclaim joyfully. "Finn your okay! ..Well your in a wheelchair, but your okay!" Poe laughs. I laugh back, "Ya. It's a little too difficult for me to walk right now, but next week I should be up and walking again!" I inform him. "That's great news! Where's Rey?" Poe asks. "She has to stay in the hospital, so she won't be attending tonight," I sigh. "Oh ya.. Did you guys find out what happened?" "No, we may never know. Rey doesn't know what happened either, she has no memory of anything from earlier today," I confess. "But let's not dwindle on Rey right now; I know she will be just fine! She just needs some time to recover." I smile, remembering what a tough person Rey is. "Your absolutely right, we had a great victory today, and we are going to celebrate!" Poe yells pushing me into the feast.

One Week Later


It has been one week since my incident. I still am not quite sure what happen, but I've decided to move on for now, and hope that my memories return to me in time. Other than that, I am fully recovered! General Leia stopped by my room earlier today to check on my packing. That's right, packing! Now that the map to Luke Skywalker has been completed, General Leia has selected me of all people, to go and find him. As soon as I finish packing, I grab my bag, and start towards the hangar.

When I reach the hangar I see Chewbacca, Leia, Poe, and Finn waiting for me. One by one they say their goodbyes and wish me the best of luck on my journey. Finn wraps me up in a giant hug, and tells me to be safe. As I make my up the ship ramp, I hear someone call, "Rey." Turning around, I see Leia has stepped forward, "May the force be with you." I nod, before continuing up the ramp, and take off.

Ahch-To is quite far away, it's on the outer rims of the Galaxy. But once we enter the planet's atmosphere I see that the majority of the planet is water with some islands here and there. The planet is breath taking, I didn't think there was this much blue in the whole galaxy. I check my coordinates and land on an island that looks like it has old temple ruins on it. There are many stairs, but once I reach the top there is a cliff with an astonishing view staring out at the sea; and that's when I see him. Right by the ledge of the cliff stands the back of a man with a dusty blonde robe on. As I get closer, the man turns to face me.

It's Luke Skywalker.

"I know why you have come." I stand speechless. "You are strong with the force; I will teach you its ways. But it is a very difficult path, one hard to follow, you must be determined," Luke says. Once I finally find my words again I say, "I will, I won't let you down..." "Master," Luke says. "I won't disappoint you master," I say. "Good, then we shall begin."

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