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After their wedding Ben and Rey headed off on their honeymoon to Naboo. Minimal damage was done by the First Order's arrival last time they were on the planet, giving them a little opportunity to add their own touch to the buildings.

Now the lakeside palace has become a peacefully home for Ben and Rey to raise their family in, and to get away from the resistance base along with the rest of the Galaxy.

Their beautiful baby girl came several months after their honeymoon, crying into the night. Kira Solo, daughter of Ben and Rey Solo; the Keepers of the Peace. She had brown hair and the strong-willed personality of her mother, and a face just like her fathers. When Ben married Rey, he didn't think a man could become any happier. But when Kira was born, it brought their lives a new level of happiness and joy. She was blessed with two loving parents who cared about her more than anything else in the galaxy. The loneliness and sorrow Rey and Ben both had faced growing up, would never get near little Kira.

Kira also has her Grandmother Leia, 'Grandpa' Luke, and Uncle Poe and Finn who care about her very much. And yes, about a year after their wedding, Poe and Finn's relationship took off ending up in their happy ever after as well.

Two force users having a child had never been done before, and having the two most powerful force users as parents gave her immense power in the force, however she was still too young to really understand how the force worked.

For the past three years the Galaxy has been at peace; the couple of groups that tried to dictate with any unreasonable orders were quickly shut down before they could grow large enough to affect anything. As for Ben and Rey, they worked with Luke to teach the next generation of Jedi, along with their own daughter. It wasn't a bunch of students, but just enough to keep an eye on all of them to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

They loved what they did and loved each other even more. Yes, every journey has its bumps and downs, but those are meant to test you. To see if you are willing to pull through the toughest times, so you can enjoy the spectacular ones. Rey finally had a family, and she got to share it with the two people she loves most in life; and she couldn't be more happy. 

I know it's not a very long epilogue or in first point of view, but I hope you all enjoyed the very end/finale of The Pull Between Us! For anyone who was curious, and I was curious myself, this whole book is 36,192 words! In case any of you didn't see the author's note at the end of my last part, I am going to write another reylo fanfiction, check out the last chapter for details! Thank you all again for everything! May the force be with you all💕

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