Chapter 2

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It should have been so easy. To watch her die, and not have her death come from my saber. But, something woke within me, something I only feel when around her, and something I wasn't quite ready to give up. I couldn't just watch her fall to her death, I needed her alive.


"AHHHHHHHHH!" I scream. This is it, this is how I am going to die. Closing my eyes, I accept my fate; I am plummeting to my own death, and there is nothing I can do about it. I never thought this would be how I go. Passing from fever, starvation, or even exhaustion on Jakku seemed much more reasonable.

Some time passes, as the wind slows, I open my eyes wondering why I haven't crashed into the bottom by now. Except when I open them, I am not tumbling down, but rising up. How is this possible?

I look up and spot Kylo leaning over the cliff, with his hand outstretched towards me. Seeing him, I immediately know exactly what is happening; he used the force to stop me from falling. He continues to lift me up until I can feel hard ground beneath my feet again. I watch as Kylo collapses back into the snow, unable to stand due to all the energy he drained from using the force to rescue me.


I place Rey down on the ground when my knees buckle beneath me. I collapse onto the snow not having enough strength, and energy left to stand. I close my eyes exhausted, the force is a very powerful skill to use, in addition to the blood I've lost from the multiple wounds now scattered across my body. Even through the cold, bitting wind, I noticed an unnormal amount of heat centered around my waist. I open my eyes and the first thing I notice is Rey's arms wrapped around my torso. She looks up at me with tears swelling in her sparkling hazel eyes, and quietly says, "Thank you." I begin to move my hand up towards her back, to return the hug, when the reality of everything that is happening around us, surges into the front of my brain. What am I doing hugging the enemy? Showing affection is a weakness. She is making me weak. I just killed my own father! Lost in the moment, I shove that all aside. I've never realized how much I craved human contact. Rey made me feel strong, not weak, like I could do anything. She is going down a path I cannot follow, but boy, she was the pull to my light, and that leash was tight.

The ground trembles again beneath us, the rift slowly growing. Breaking the hug I say, "Rey we need to get out of here now, this base is unstable and no longer safe." She nods her head in agreement, and we carefully stand up, and head as quick as we can -in this weather- back towards Starkiller base.


As we hurry back towards the base, I hear loud noises booming overhead. I glance up... it's the Resistance! Then I remember... FINN! "Kylo! I left Finn! I have to go back for him!" I announce panicked. I quickly turn around, ready to run, however I can barely take three steps, before Kylo's hand clamps down around my wrist, pulling me back with such force that I tumble right into his chest. "Rey it is WAY too dangerous to go back there! This whole planet is tearing apart, and it's going to collapse with us still on it, if we don't get away from here now," he explains roughly. "But I can't leave him behind," I say, dropping my gaze down to my feet, as I try to hold back my tears. Kylo turns and looks at me, before reaching for my hand. When our hands touch it feels like a fire ignited in my palm. He rubs his thumb in slow circles on the top of my hand, trying to soothe my distress. "Rey, there's no time, we must go. We wouldn't be able to reach him anyways. The ground is severed between him and us." He says it with such sincerity in his eyes. Sincerity I didn't know he possessed.

A tear rolls down my face, I give up on trying to hold them back any longer. Kylo watches with a certain look across his face, like he is trying to figure out how to comfort me, but doesn't know how. Reluctantly, he lifts his hand up, and places it against my cheek. Rubbing his thumb back and forth he wipes my tears away. 

Sadly, he is right. I wouldn't of been able to reach Finn in time, so I quietly turn away, and we both continue back to Starkiller base.


My back is in so much stinging pain, it's hardly bearable. I lay numb in the frost biting snow, not knowing how much longer I will be able to survive. My vision is very hazzy, but I am able to identify something heading towards me, a figure coming closer. The figure grows closer, and closer, until I realize... it's... POE! "Finn?! Finn, is that you?!" He yells with obvious excitement in his voice, before he realizes my condition. "P...poe..hel...lp," is all I manage to choke out, the rest  too painful to continue. Poe kneels down at my side, and I realize there is another figure behind him; but it is much taller, and... furrier?... it's Chewie! 

They both help me up, as I struggle to remain conscious, as they take me back to the Millennium Falcon.

By the time we reach the Millennium Falcon, the pain is so severe that I don't even know how I'm still conscious. Chewie lays me down on a resting bed inside the Falcon when I remember, Rey. I left her! Last I saw her, she was with Kylo engaged in a light saber duel. I try to stand up, prepared to go back and look for her, but Poe gently eases me back down. "You don't understand, I have to get Rey, I left her out there!" I protest. "Finn your too weak, you need to rest. I will go find Rey." Poe said. "Promise?" I ask, I can't loose her now. "Promise." Poe says. Suddenly, the pain increases to an untollerable amount, and before I know it, the whole world turns black.

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