Chapter 18

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When we arrive, the dinning hall was filled with people, mainly stormtroopers with a few tables taken up by commanders and higher ranked. We take a seat at a table not far from them, "I'll go get us some food stay here," he request. I nod my head then he leaves. As I wait for him a man with ginger hair comes up to our table. "Ah the scavenger," I flinch, "It's a pleasure to meet you I'm General Hux," he says with an outstretched hand. I hesitate before reaching out and shaking his hand. "Strong handshake I like it," he says with a smile. I shyly smile back. "I've seen you met Hux," Ben points out now back from getting food, handing me my plate. "Yes," I tell him as I thank him for the food. "Well, nice to meet you, I hope to see around soon," Hux says winking at me before sending an evil glare Ben's way making him growl as he exits the dinning hall. I chuckle, it is quite easy to tell that Ben is bothered by Hux, and his flirtatious ways.

We both finish out food rather quickly since we were so busy training we forgot to eat lunch. "That was delicious," I tell him. "You sure seemed to enjoy it." "I did, it's a lot better than any food I've ever eaten before on Jakku." He nods his head, "Should we head back to the rooms?" "Yes, we should," I answer him with a smile as he stands up, returns our plates, then walks back over to me before we leave.

We didn't talk much on the way back. We both seemed lost in thought, I wonder what he is thinking about. He begins to say something but gets interrupted by a stormtrooper informing him that Hux was looking for him. "It's late now, I will come and find him tomorrow," he explains. The stormtrooper simply nods his head before disappearing as fast as he can. We enter Ben's room and I see his kitchen a disaster from him probably trying to cook dinner last night. "What a mess," I tease. "You know, I think the next part of your training should be cleaning. Apprentice clean the kitchen," he demands. "No, you should have to clean it because I beat you today," I rebuttal smirking. "No, you see I let you win," he informs me. I gasp; seeing my reaction he smirks. Game on. I make my way towards the door exiting the room when suddenly I freeze. "And where do you think you're going?" I hear the oh-so-clever Ben ask from behind me. "Oh you know, I'm going to go find someone who really loves and appreciates me..." And here goes nothing, "You know someone like...... Hux," I say with a smirk. I see him flinch, I know I played just the right card. "Oh really now," his eyes narrow as he slowly walks towards me like I'm his prey. "Are you sure it's Hux you love? It seemed different earlier." I felt his hand run down the side of my neck to my collarbone sending shivers down my spine. I felt his body rub right up against the back of mine as he started gently nibbling on my ear. I couldn't let him beat me this easily, it used all of my efforts to hold back a moan. He could tell I was struggling and getting closer to cracking so he moved down planting kisses along my neck and collarbone. When he found my sweet spot I couldn't do it any longer and I let out a moan. I could feel his smirk against my skin. He moved back up right next to my ear where I could feel his breath hitting against my skin, "Are you sure.... Scavenger?" He asked in an incredibly deep seducing voice before he started kissing me again. "Ben," I moaned, "You're so unfair."

Finally he unfroze me and I turned around to face him, but before I could do anything he picked me up over his shoulder and carried me to his bed. Setting me down he climbed on top of me pinning my arms above my head with one hand and the other tracing the curves of my body. "Ben," I begged. I wanted my share, my turn to cause him pleasure. Between the kisses he's planting from my cheek to my neck to my collarbone he says, "Not until you admit the truth," with a smirk. He mashes his lips with mine. The kiss is full of hunger and I eagerly kiss back with just as much want. I feel his tongue slide against my lower jaw asking for entrance, I accept deepening the kiss. "Fine! You were right! I love you!" I tell him after pulling away from the kiss not able to stand not being able to run my hands over gorgeous his body. He smirks saying, "I knew you couldn't resist," before releasing my hands and cupping my face as he kisses me again. Quickly I take charge of the situation flipping us over so I'm on top of him now. Moving my hands over his muscular body I begin to pull his shirt up. Seeing what I'm trying to do he pulls back, takes his shirt off, and throws it in a sexy way across the room. I laugh as I run my hands over his whole body kissing him from his head to his feet.

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