Chapter 29

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I kneel down next to his body searching for a pulse, only to find him still. No... Not Ben. Holding Ben's head in arms my whole body swells with despair, it shouldn't of been Ben, it should of been me. My sorrow slowly transforming into rage, I stand wiping my tears, turning to face Snoke with his disguising smirk plastered on his face. He will not do that to my Ben and get away with it! I charge at Snoke swinging my saber right for his head. He deflects my blow, however, which each swing I add more and more power against his own. My pace increasing so quickly that with one last battering ram I manage to knock Snoke's feet out from under him, sending him down onto the floor. "Kill me... and you will complete your path to the dark side... Join me... and I will turn you into the most... powerful being... in the galaxy," Snoke offers catching his breath. "No, I will never become one of you," I spit bringing back my lightsaber from beside his neck. "Fine. You will be with your pathetic lover soon enough," and with no warning Snoke shoots bolts of lighting from his fingertips straight at me. "AHHHH," I scream in agony crashing into the ground beneath me. The pain increasing by the second, black spots begin to cloud my vision. He stops, letting oxygen renter my lungs as he says, "Never, underestimate the power of the dark side. You made a terrible choice, and now it will cost you your life." At that time he starts again; "AHHHHH," I scream twisting and turning on the ground trying to get him to stop, but I'm just too weak to interfere. Moments before my light runs out, preparing for my last breath of air, the bolts stop accompanied by a paralyzing screech. I just barely glance up off the floor to see Snoke's lifeless body chopped in half before me. I watch as his body disappears within the floors leaving only his robe and saber behind revealing the pair of shoes standing behind the pile.

"Ben?" I whimper not sure if I'm dead or not. He rushes over to me cradling my weightless body in his arms, "I thought you were dead," I tell him reaching up to caress his face, allowing my tears to fall. "I thought you were really gon- ahh," I cry as my body goes out of shock and the pain starts to sink in feeling like I have been punched in the gut a thousand times. "Rey! I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere," he tells me running his hand up and down my back. "But... how?" I ask, I was sure I didn't feel a pulse. "The force works in mysterious ways. Some say love makes you weak, that it debilitates you. But the truth is, isn't doesn't. Love comforts you, and powers you when you need it most," he explains. I give him all the smile I can muster with my leftover energy, "You did it," I tell him feeling my eyelids getting heavier by the second. "No, Rey, we did it." My eyelids begin to fall close and the last thing I see is Ben panicking saying, "Rey! Rey stay with me!"


"That's the last of them!" I yell to Luke looking at all the fallen stormtroopers before us. There must of been hundreds of them. "We need to get to the lookout room, I sense they have succeeding in their mission, but something has happened," Luke says returning his lightsaber to his hilt. "Okay, we must hurry," I tell him as we head back along the corridor to where we left Ben and Rey.

"Poe. Poe do you copy," I call into my speaker. "Loud and clear General," Poe responds within seconds. "Do what you must, we will be out the back of the base shortly," I command. "Yes General. Commencing attack," he says before I return the speaker to my vest.

We are almost there when I see Ben run out of the room with something in his arms. I gasp, it's Rey. Looking at his puffy red eyes, I could tell he's been crying. "Ben," I comfort placing a hand on his shoulder. "Mom, we need to get out of here," Ben says stubbornly obviously not wanting to talk about the girl in his arms. Luke reaches for something on top of Rey. Holding it out I see that it is someone's cloak and lightsaber. "Snoke's," Ben explains, "They were left behind when he died." "Thank you," Luke tells him putting them in his robe, "Now we must leave, before this whole thing blows up with us in it."

We make it to the hallway where we entered having few to none stormtrooper interruptions. Moments after we arrive Chewie and Finn return down the center hallway. "Okay, there all set! We need to mov- What happened to her!" Finn exclaims gesturing towards Rey. "Finn, not now," Luke tells him. "Not now! N-." "We will talk about this later," Luke says waving his hand infront of Finn. "We will talk about this later," Finn repeats. "Okay, we need to go," Chewie roars in agreement, and we all rush for the exit leaving the base for good. Only seconds after we reach the forest, the whole base explodes due to the detonators going off and Poe's squadrons' laser cannons and proton torpedo launchers damage.

We run all the way back to where we parked the freighter. Once onboard, the ship's medic came to take Rey for an examination, however Ben was extremely reluctant to let her go out of his sight. Sitting down next to him, I wrap him up in a hug knowing how hard this is for him. "It shouldn't of been her. It's my job to protect her and I failed, it should of been me," he sobs. "Ben, don't say that. You did nothing wrong. She will be alright, you just need to believe that," I tell him rubbing his back. He wipes his tears away from crying saying, "Thanks mom." "Anything sweetie. Now you sure you're okay back here?" I ask. "Don't call me that, and yes, go up there. I got Uncle Chewie back here with me," he says gesturing to his uncle sitting to his left. Chewie roars patting Ben's head before draping his arm across Ben's shoulders. I smile nodding, then walk back up to the cock-pit. I know deep down Ben doesn't forgive himself and that he's heartbroken, but in time he will be put back together and be okay.

Sorry to all you guys you went through an emotional roller coaster thinking I killed Ben even though you guys are going through another right now! XD

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