Chapter 19

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Guys please don't hate me for this. First of all everyone I would just like you all to know I'm not writing about the really smutty smut. Star Wars never does and neither am I. We all know what Anakin and Padme did as well as Han and Leia but Star Wars never showed or talked about it. So I am not going to be either, to follow Star Wars and anyways I'm probably wouldn't be any good at writing that stuff. I know many of you love smut and I do too and I'm really sorry but I won't be writing the really intense stuff (the sex part). I hope you guys respect my decision and still continue to read my fanfic. Thank you so much for reading! Enjoy!💕


I woke up the next morning feeling warm air beating down against my chest, I look down to see Rey asleep against my chest. I smile at her nude body against mine thinking about last night. Gosh she is beautiful, how did I end up so lucky to deserve her? I kiss her head as I gently rub my hand up and down the soft skin of her warm back. She starts to stir causing me to tighten my grip around her afraid she will leave. One after the other her eyes flutter open to meet mine making her lips curve into a smile. "Morning beautiful," I say to her as I rap my arms around her turning us sideways pressed up against each other. She wraps her arms around me pulling us as close as she can together, "Good morning hhaanndsome," she says while yawning before nuzzling her head into the crook of my neck. I chuckle, running my hand softly up and down her back knowing that is her favorite. I love you so much, you know that. I hear a voice say in my thoughts. I smile knowing it's Rey since we are able to communicate to each other through our force bond. I brush my lips up to her ear and whisper, "How did I get so lucky to deserve you?" Pulling her head away from my neck to look at me with those warm loving eyes of hers, Rey says, "I could ask you the same thing," before bestowing a kiss on my lips.

I wish time would just freeze so I could stay in this moment with Rey forever. However it had to come to an abrupt end when I received a knock at my door. I quickly hopped out of bed throwing my clothes back on before walking to the door. I open it and before me stands Hux. I roll my eyes, "What do you want?" "Supreme Leader expects your presence and he doesn't seem the least bit happy," he says with a grin before turning around and departing. Oh crap, he found out. "Who found out what? Who was that?" Rey asked anxiously from behind me on the bed. "That was Hux. He told me that Supreme Leader wants to speak with me right now, and he doesn't seem happy. I think he... um.. found out about us," I told her nervously. Rey stood up from the bed now wearing a shirt and walked over to me. She brought her hand up to my face and I prepared myself for a slap that never came. Instead I felt her caress my cheek with her hand. "Ben," she said calmly. I opened my eyes, "Don't worry, everything will be just fine and soon enough we will be out of here," she assured me. I relaxed, bringing her in for a hug, "I don't know what I would do without you. I'm going to head up there, just incase you might want to pack your stuff." Giving her one last kiss I leave the room and head to where Supreme Leader's hologram was waiting.


"Kylo Ren," Snoke's voice boomed off the walls. "You are giving up everything you worked so hard to achieve, to go back to nothing? They don't want you back, you killed your own father! They will never forgive you." I find myself contemplating once again if he is right until I hear Rey's sweet voice, "Don't listen to him Ben, you know he's lying," causing me to quickly push aside my thoughts that Snoke is right. "Ren! Who has been there for you and helped you when you were younger?!" He questions clearly frustrated yet afraid he was loosing me. "You? You haven't helped me in anyway! You have only caused me more pain!" I scream.

"Your grandfather would be so disappointed in you! Think how he would feel if you fail him!" I can't handle it anymore, "No! You're wrong! He returned to the light side right before he died, but you just decided to keep that from me!" I have made my decision, I am returning to the light side along Rey. "You are a traitor to the First Order. Rey is no longer safe because... of you." I started to head out of the room, we need to get out of here as soon as possible. The last thing I heard before I left was Snoke telling someone through device to "kill them."

I booked it out of the room as fast as I could sensing stormtroopers increasing on my location. Rey! Grab your stuff and get ready to leave! Hurry! I tell her through our force bond. Ok! She says in response. I run through the halls turning corners until I reach my room seeing Rey anxiously waiting outside. "Ben," she says in relief. "We need to get out of here now. The freighter should be ready in the east hangar." She nods her head and we quickly head to the hangar. "You there stop," a voice calls out behind us. We turn our heads and see a large group of stormtroopers increasing on us. Rey's hand flies out and the group of stormtroopers are blown back to the ground unconscious. She looks back and me as I stare at her in awe. I did not see that coming. She smirks before snapping back into reality and grabbing my hand to continue towards the hangar. All the stormtroopers we encountered on the way we quickly moved past or "got rid of them." "Over there," I tell her pointing towards the ship. As soon as we reach it I climb in first and sit down as she climbs the ladder following. Since we have to go undetected once we escape we needed a small ship to keep off the radar so there is only one seat but I moved it back earlier so she would have room to sit in my lap between my legs. She reaches the top and quickly climbs in positioning herself infront of me so I can reach around her. "Hurry they're coming," she tells me as stormtroopers begin to fire at us. "I'm trying I'm trying," I explain as finally the freighter starts and we take off out of the base.

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