Chapter 14

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"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything?" Hux says with a smirk, "Supreme Leader is expecting your presence.. Now."

"Yes, I'll be right there," I tell Hux before he exits.

I sense Rey's fear increasing at the mention of Supreme Leader. She doesn't know much about him and the unknown frightens her. She is uncomfortable around anyone apart of the First Order except for... me?

I turn back to her, "Don't worry, I'll be back in a little while. A storm trooper will take up back to your room, and please don't do anything you will regret." Originally I didn't plan on saying please, she should just listen to me, however it might get the point across of how desperately I need her to cooperate. She nods her head in understandment as I leave and make way to where Supreme Leader is waiting.

I enter a tall dark room where I spot Snoke's hologram in the middle. "Supreme Leader," I say as I bow on one knee. "Kylo Ren, I can feel the scavenger getting closer." "Yes, with every day the pull is getting stronger, one of these days she will crack," I assure him. "I see. Next time instead of offering to teach her the dark side, next time I want you to offer to teach her the ways of the force. It might just be enough to speed up her decision and convince her." "Wouldn't I be deceiving her?" I question. "No, training her the ways of the force, could be acquired in both the light or dark side of the force. She just doesn't know in the end it's for the dark." "Yes, Master." I say then begin to exit the room. "Kylo." I stop and turn back around, "Yes, Master?" "Do not fail me again. I can feel the pull of the light in you. Do not surrender to it." I nod my head, "Yes Master." At that moment Snoke's hologram disappears as I withdraw from the room.


When Kylo asked me to cooperate and not cause trouble, at first I didn't want to listen. But hearing the desperation in his voice changed my mind; my escape can wait a day or two. Right now, for his sake, I was just going to obey orders.

About ten minutes after he left a storm trooper appeared to take me to my room just like he said. When I arrived I saw dinner awaiting for me on my table. The food was amazing, it filled me up rather quickly.

Once I was full I laid down in bed and thought about everything that has happened to me in the past few months. I thought about training with Luke. I thought about the end of StarKiller. I thought about what Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda told me. And most importantly I thought about my mission. My mission to bring Ben home.


I woke up the next morning to another storm trooper at my door delivering breakfast and telling me Kylo would be coming to get me soon. I really didn't want to go back to the interrogation room. I feel so powerless strapped down into the chair not able to physically defend myself, however I enjoy being around Kylo because whenever I'm with him it gives me another chance to try to get Ben back. I received a knock on the door and went to answer it expecting to see Ben but instead seeing two storm troopers. "You coming with us," they informed me. "No, I'm staying here and waiting for Kylo," I rebel. "He told us to come and retrieve you and take you to the interrogation room since he is going to be a little late." I shrug defeated, "Fine," I say as the take both of my arms and lead me down the hall. They set me in the chair and strap on the restraints yet they are extremely tight. "Hey, do you think you could loosen the restraints, they're really tight?" I ask as I clench my teeth. "No, but you can shut up. You've caused enough trouble for the First Order, you deserve to suffer." My eyes widen, "What!?" "You heard me, we were perfectly fine before you came along and destroyed StarKiller base," the first storm trooper said. "Ya, this is your fault, you deserve to be punished," his friend said now standing next to him. Right before I could respond I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. The first storm troopers fist had nailed me right in the stomach taking my breath away. I tried to protect myself only for my arms to bang against the metal restraints as my breath gets knocked out of me. Ben... please help me. I call out in my mind trying to reach him. "P..please," I wheeze out taking several more hits to the gut. The two storm troopers only laugh until I hear their laughs turn into coughs. I look up with the only strength I have left in my body to see them floating in the air grasping at their throats before they drop to the ground unmoving and I see Ben standing behind them. "B..ben," I say with a weak smile. "Rey!" he yells  before running over to me. He unlatches my restraints as I collapse into his arms curled up in a ball trying to regain the oxygen in my lungs. "Yo..u heard.. m..e..." I try to speak but he interrupts me, "Shhhhh. Rey just relax you're okay now, I got you," he tells me as he tightens his grip around me. 

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