Chapter 12

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I catch Rey in my arms right before she crashes into the ground. "Foolish Scavenger, you should know better then to anger me," I say looking down at the unconscious body I hold.

I have got what I came for so I head back towards the base where my ship is waiting. As I'm walking I can't help but look down at the seemingly weightless Rey in my arms. I should hate that face, yet I will admit she is quite beautiful; however she will not be the downfall of me! It doesn't take long for me to reach the base and when I do I see the Resistance increasing on us. I already have what we came for, so I call back my troops and prepare to leave. Right before I enter the ship, through all the gun shots, I hear, "REYYY!" I glance to the side and see none other than the traitor yelling. He starts running towards us, however he will not make it in time. I simply ignore him and step foot inside of my ship before the fleet takes off.


"REYYY!" I scream trying to catch up to her and Kylo, but I'm too late. I fall in defeat as I watch the First Order fleet fly away with Rey. "I failed you Rey, I'm sorry," I whisper. When suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder and hear a voice behind me, "You did not fail her Finn." I stand up and turn around to face Luke Skywalker. "Kylo got to her in the forest, none of us would have made it in time." I nod my head looking down, "I'm going to go back to my room and rest," I tell him. "Ok, go get some rest Finn, it's been a long day," Luke tells me. Then I make way for my room. On the way I accidentally bump into someone, my head was down because I was too gloomy to look up.

"Finn?" The voice questions.

I know that voice anywhere! "Poe?" I say looking up.

"Hey buddy, are you alright?" He asks with concern in his eyes.

"Eh, not really. Kylo captured Rey again and took her back with the First Order and no one has any idea where they went," I explain.

"Oh, I'm really sorry about that, but don't worry. Rey is one of the toughest people we know, she will be just fine, and back before you know it."

"Ya, ...your right."

"Of course I'm right, I'm always right!" Poe says joking around causing me to laugh. "Was that a smile I saw?" Poe asks teasingly. I shyly respond, "Maybe..." "Hahaha, I knew I could fine that smile! Why don't we go get dinner to take your mind off of everything." "Ok," and with that we both head off towards the dinning room.


"The girl will join us or die. If she rejects your offer you have my permission to use whatever force you wish to change her mind."

"Yes Master."



I awake with a jumping start only to feel my skin bang against metal. I am strapped into an all too familiar chair. As my eyes adjust to the light in the room, I soon recognize what room I'm being held in. It is the interrogation room. Great. However, this time I'm alone.

As if he sensed I was awake, I hear a swoosh as the door behind me opens. I can't see who it is, but without a doubt I know it's him.

I close my eyes wishing this was all just some dream I can wake up from and be back on Ahch-To.

"This isn't a dream," I jump at his deep, mechanical voice. My eyes are closed yet I can still sense him smirking under his cowardly mask at my recent action.

I hear a big bang causing me too shutter.

"Look at me," Kylo demands.

I shake my head knowing what will happen if I do.

"Look at me," he says again more calmly. I try to block him out of my head but I fail. Before I know it he has taken over my thoughts and I slowly open my eyes to see a smirking Kylo standing infront of me. He didn't have his mask on now, that must of been what that loud noise was from, him slamming his helmet down. I find myself staring right into his chocolate brown eyes as a sudden warmth takes over my body. I feel at home. Once I finally snap out of it I realize what he's been doing. I quickly put up my walls to block him from digging any further into my mind.

"What do you want with me, why can't you just let me be," I ask him. Even though part of me deep down doesn't want to be separated from him, it wants to be with him.

"Why would I let somebody like you go? You are a powerful force user with a lot of potential; and I don't want to see it all go to waste," he explains.

"It's not going to waste! I was perfectly fine with Luke!" I yell. I could see he was starting to become agitated as he took a deep breath trying to relax himself.

He takes a step closer. "Don't you see it, Luke is only holding you back. Join me and I will show you the ways of the force."

I was so conflicted. Was Luke holding me back? Did he know I had all this power but was keeping it from me? Was he jealous? NO he trained me! He helped me! This is wrong, I need to get back to Ahch-To! Tears threatened to spill from my eyes. This was all just too overwhelming.


I walked up to Rey; placing my hand on her cheek and using my thumb to wipe away her tear. She looked up at me with warmth, confusing, and utter sadness in her eyes. I may be forced to hate her, but I'm not just going to simply ignore her. I grew up with her for gods sake and loved her! It hurt me to see her like this, because I went through the same thing before I made the choice to switch over to the Dark Side. "I can feel the conflict in you. I went through the same thing, before I switched over. And now I have no conflict at all," I told her. It was a totally lie, I suffered from my own pain everyday, but I needed her to believe me and switch over to the Dark Side.

"I...I...I don't know," she said looking down ashamed. With tears beginning to fall out of her eyes.

I decided that she had been through a lot today and that she needed to rest. We could continue this tomorrow after she had some time to think and recharge.

I walk up to the chair and unlatch the restraints. She collapses into my arms for her body is to weak to stand. "I'm bringing you to your new room so you can rest and think over my offer. We will continue this in the morning," I tell her as I carry her bridal style towards her bedroom. She nods her head too tired to speak.

Her room is at the end of a long hallway next to my room; with a door in the middle that connects the two. I open the door to her room and set her down on under the covers of her bed. I hadn't noticed but she had fallen asleep against my chest on the way here. I can't help but look at her as she sleeps. She is so beautiful... "Ren, you are better than this, don't let her be your weakness!" I tell myself. I take one last glance at Rey sleeping like an angel before I leave and lock the door as I head over  to my room.

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