Dear Reader.

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Dear Reader.
How are you on this fine day ?
I am good thank you, I have been outside a lot today which was really nice.

Dear Reader I am now going to tell you something I am really passionate about.

Health. I recently watched a docementary called 'Fed Up' and boy was it eye opening. I got so excited about spreading the message but then I thought, how ? I don't have blog, I don't do youtube but I do write stories. Now I have over  9 000 reads so I figured that I will spread this message to all of you reading this.

Your HEALTH is important, it is life changing. I know lots of you are going to laugh it away and say "I would rather die than stop eating candy and fast food." It is ironic that you can actually die from eating all those things.
I am not telling you to stop having a small treat every now and then but please go get your VEGGIES.

Pros with being healthy.

You will be more energized.
You will be able to concentrate better.
You will feel amazing.
You will ( ptobably ) get really good skin.
You will eventually ( with exercise ) get a killer body.
Your hair will get more strenght.
There are a lot more too.

Cons with being healthy.
There are none

Please take care of yourself !!
I love you all.

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