How You Met- Bucky

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You're woken up by the light that's shinning through your curtains,it was on these mornings that you wished you could turn off the sun. Unfortunately you couldn't and more unfortunate you had to be at work in ten minutes, you were going to be late again. You didn't now how you managed to sleep through your alarm clock every other day, it must be one of your extraordinary talents. Though your boss never fired you and she said that it was because she didn't have time to search for a new employee, but you knew it was because you made the most amazing Coffee Lattes.
   You quickly threw on some clothes before you rushed out the door and started your daily run towards your work, you were actually making an attempt to arrive in time.

2 hours later and you still weren't fired but you almost wished that ypu were, work was stressful. You had to be nice towards the customers even when they were total jackasses, you had to otherwise it could lead to a disaster. The disaster would be that 'the customer' tells all her friends that this Café sucks and then they would tell their friends, eventually nobody would come just because you were rude towards one customer.
   You looked at all the people that were coming through the front door, a lot of them were couples and that made you feel very lonely. Though there was this guy who was really beautiful, he had dark pretty long hair and he had chocolate brown eyes. No to mention he had a metal arm, he kept it covered with a hoodie but you had managed to see it. He was sitting at an empty table and he hadn't ordered anything yet, he was probably just waiting for the que to die out.

"Hello, excuse me !?" , you snapped out of yourt thoughts and looked up just to see the most annoying looking person that you had ever seen. Her hair was the most blonde hair that you ahd ever seen, her eyebrows were in the sky and they were darker than any cofee that you had ever made, not to mention her lips were bigger than your paycheck

"I'm sorry miss, what can I get for you ?" , you asked trying to sound as nice as you possibly could.

"Well how about a nicer attidude ?",  blondie said and your jaw dropped, literally it was on the floor. It was a good comeback but you didn't deserve it, you had barely talked to her.

"How about a Coffee Latte, miss ?",  you said while you turned around and started to make an latte, you heard blondie say something and you took it as a yes.

You started your normal routine while you were making that latte, when it was done you decided to draw something in the cream and for a moment you were deciding whether to draw a penis on it or not. You obviously didn't do it but you really wanted to, so you drew a flower instead not that she deserved an flower.

"A Coffee Latte !", you yelled out and in a couple of seconds she was standing right infront of you with an angry look at her face.

"Oh my god, aree you retarded or something ? I told you that I wanted an 'Vanilla Coffee Latte'." , she was spitting in your face while speaking and you mentally thanked her for the shower.

Who did she think she was ? Coming in at your café walking around the place like she owned it, no that wasn't tolerated. At this point you didn't care about the rules, you were mad at her and you wanted to choke her.
   So you did what every decent person would have done, you grabbed the latte and poured it over her and then you took a bag of vanilla powder and poured that over her too.

"Enjoy your 'Vanilla Coffee Latte'." , you said as you threw away your name tag and then you walked out. You heard blondie scream something about her hair being ruined and then you heard your boss yell that you were fired, it coulnd't get better.

Though it could get better. As soon as you were outside and had breathed in the fresh air, you calmed down. You didn't regret a single thing that happend there, well except not drawing a penis in her coffee and maybe not asking that guy for his number. Oh well there wasn't much you could do about it now, you were proud of yourself for quitting your job in a glamorous way.

"Hey!", you turned around to see if someone had yelled at you and boy were you surprised when you saw that it was the cute guy with a metal arm.

"Hi.", you said and did your best not to walk up to him and kiss him all over his face. He really was beautiful and you wanted to kiss him so bad.

"Are you okay ? I mean she was being very rude and disrespectful.", he said as started to walk closeer to you.

"Yes, I just didn't need her to talk to me like that, thanks.", you gave him a small smile and was just about to walk away when he grabbed you by the arm.

You turned around in surprise and he quickly let go, he took your hand and placed a napkin in it and then he walked away, leaving you stunned. You unfolded the napkin and smiled when you saw that it was a number and a name.

James Barnes.

( who you eventually would marry, you just didn't know.)

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