You Get Hurt- Steve

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This takes place during the New York attack. ( remember that I didn't try to copy the movie entirely, I have changed some bits and so on.)

                                                                                   1264 words.

It was chaos, everywhere, and you were in the middle of it. You were not an avenger with super powers, you were human and your only self defence was your sarcasm. Your sarcasm was great for defending when people were mean to you but when it came to war, it was useless. Usually Steve would be here to protect you but he had told you to stay inside and watch netflix, unfortunately you were curious and walked out. He still thought that you were safe and inside watching netflix, it was the complete opposite. Though it was like watching netflix, it was a lot of action and people were screaming and crying. 
   When you had noticed the big black hole in the sky, you had wanted to take a picture but when it started to spit out weird creatures, you just wanted to run. Though there was nowhere to run since buildings were being shattered around every corner. You wanted to call Steve but you highly doubted that he would answer, since there was a lot going on.
You tried to run but the second you moved something, or someone, grabbed you. You tried to push that someone off you but stopped when you heard who it was.

"Tony ? What the heck is going on ?" You asked and he gave you a small smile. He was probably very tired, they barely got a pause.

" Well we are getting attacked by some Asgard named Loki, and he is a tiny bit crazy for power." Tony said while the two of you lifted from the ground, the people under you were getting smaller every second.

" Where is Steve ?" You asked as you looked at all the chaos under you, you were a bit scared that he was hurt. Even though you knew that he could take care of himself, you were worried.

" Capsicle is around somewhere, fighting these weird creatures." Tony said and started to speed up, you looked where you were heading and saw that he was taking you to the Stark Tower. Atleast you would be safe there, hopefully.

   When the two of you arrived at the Stark Towers, he said that he had to go again since well it was chaos. You said a quick thank you and then he was off, and you walked in and sat on one of the chairs. It was pretty boring to be human while every single one of your friends were out saving the world, while you were sitting on a chair drinking orange juice. You were a 100 % sure that you were alone in the Tower so when you heard a voice, you choked on your juice.

" Hello, pretty lady." The man said. You looked at him closely, hisdark hair was slicked back and he had a small smirk on his lips. He wore a green and black suit and he looked plain annoying, maybe this was the guy from Asgard. He also had a spire in his hand, come on be a little bit original.

" Who are you and what are you doing here ?" You asked trying not to sound like a weak little girl because you were a strong and powerful woman kind of. He looked quite amused by my question, it was like he thought that everybody would know who he was.

" I am Loki of Asgard and I am here to take over the world." He said and you laughed, you laughed. Who the hell laughs in one of this situations ? But he was so funny, I mean everybody thinks that they can take over the world but they never do, that is the point. Though he seemed pretty determined to actually take over the world, so maybe you shouldn't have laughed.

" Are you laughing at me , midgardian ?" He said and stepped closer to you, you were no longer sitting in the chair drinking juice. You had tried to move closer to the door but he was now standing very close to you and he had a spire in one of his hands. So your plan of trying to escape was shattered, but you couldn't give up. You tried to think of what Steve would do, but the only thing you could think of was him grabbing his shield and fight whoever that tried to get in his way.
   Loki looked at you carefully probably expecting you to run, but you were trying to be smart. So you just smiled at him trying to look dumb, wasn't that hard. Then you tried to look behind him while you started to giggle, you were trying to distract him so that you could run to one of the doors and hopefully be able to hide somewhere.

When you had started to giggle he just looked plain confused and then he turned around to look behind him, and here was your chance. You started to run towards one of the doors but before you could make it you felt a sharp pain in your side and then you were flying across the room and eventually hit one of the walls. You groaned in pain as you landed and your vision began to get blurry though you could see that someone was coming towards you. Then another wave of pain came across you and you creamed out, that son of a bicth had hit you with his magic thing again. Before he could hurt you for a third time something or someone came flying through the window, you were happy to see that it was Hulk and he looked pretty ready to smash.
   Before Loki could react Hulk had grabbed him and started to smash him to the floor and you could also hear him mumbling 'puny god' over and over. Now more people were coming in and you tried to see who it was but your vision was getting even more blurry.

" Y/N !?" Someone yelled but you couldn't identify who it was, though you hoped that it would be Steve. This someone grabbed you and pulled you against his chest, you were now pretty sure that 'this someone' was Steve. He mumbled some things but you couldn't hear a single thing and before you knew it, everything went pitch black.

A couple of hours later.

You blinked a few times as the bright light hit you, then when you finally could see you noticed that you were laying in one of the bedrooms that the Stark Tower had to offer. When you looked around even more you noticed the cute boy who was sitting on a chair next to your bed.

" Steve ?" You whispered trying to wake him up, carefully. He woke up at the second you said his name, his eyes were filled with worry and love. He stood up and layed down beside you, his arms carefully wrapped around you.

" Y/N promise me that you will never scare me like that again, ever ! When I saw you lie on that floor bloody and bruised, I actually thought that you were dead." His voice broke as he said the last part and tears had started to run down his face. You smiled at him and then you took his face between your hands and kissed him.

" Why would I ever be so stupid that I would leave you, Cap ?" Then you snuggled closer to him while he kissed your head you were okay.

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