Thor's Daughter Pt.2

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Previously in Thor's Daughter.

You were so happy and you couldn't imagine what would be able to ruin this but when you and James turned around to walk back , you got so surprised of who was standing infront of you that you almost fell.

"What are you doing here, dad ?"

To say that you were shocked was an understatement, your mother had promised you that you would get two weeks of freedom before you had to get married. You would not get locked up or anything when you got married but with marriage comes responsibility, something you did not feel ready for.  

"Y/N what are you doing with this midgardian?" You almost felt ashamed when your dad asked you that, perhaps you should be. You were not supposed to fall in love with someone when your betrothed was waiting at Asgard.

"Dad please, answer me first, what brings you here?" You felt frightened at what was to come, what if something had happened to your mother? 

"I am here because the wedding is tomorrow and I am bringing you home." If you had felt shocked before, it did not compare to what you were feeling right in this moment.  No, this was not happening, the wedding was supposed to be in two weeks. You could barely get the words out but when you did, your father answered with something that made your heart drop.

"It is urgent, I need to get this deal right Y/N and if you marry the headmaster of the council, I will get on the right foot with him again." Your father seemed unfazed by what he just said, but I wasn't.

"I am a princess, not something you can exchange just to get something better. The fact that you think that I would agree to do this just because of some urgent deal makes you look like an utter fool." You had agreed before because I knew how much it would promote the friendship between my dad and the council. They had to have a good relationship because after everything, the council was there to look after the decisions my father made. If they didn't agree, hell usually breaks loose and that's were you come in. The marriage is supposed to symbolize some kind of peace agreement. 

"Y/N you shall not make this difficult!" 

"Dad does my voice even matter do you anymore? I see that you listen but do you hear me? I don't wanna get married any longer." You stood tall as you uttered those words, you shall not bow down.

"This is not up for discussion, come on now." He was foolish if he thought you were going to go home and marry some random man just because your dad wanted to settle this urgent deal. You had been foolish when you agreed to marriage, but you hadn't known how it felt to be in love. You glanced at James who stood behind you and now you know how it feels when it feels like your stomach was going to explode because of all the butterflies in there. 

"Please no, I want to stay here with James." My dad shot a look at James, grabbed you by your arm and then we were travelling through the bi frost. You could not comprehend what just had happened, how could your own father act so cold towards you?

a couple of hours later

Tears had flowed from your eyes for hours now, as you sat in my bedroom and looked at the wall there was only one thing you could think about. The beautiful man you had left behind, the man who had made you cry with laughter and the one that had made you feel beautiful. Your thoughts felt foolish, how could you care so much about someone you had just recently met? A knock at the door made you break out of your thoughts.

"My beautiful girl, don't cry." And then you cried even more in the arms of my beautiful mother. I knew she had my side in all of this, and I knew that she probably had tried to talk to dad about this but he had refused to listen. 

"How come he knows what true love is, but he doesn't let me have it?" My mother smiled at your question and stroked my hair. 

"Perhaps he fears it for you, true love is beautiful but it can be heartbreaking at times. Perhaps he fears for your heart." 

"Still he is the one to break it, how ironic." My mother chuckled at your words and kissed your forehead. If not even your mother could change his mind, no one would. You would get married and promise to give your heart to another when your heart already belonged to someone else.

one day later

The girl in the mirror wearing a white gown wasn't you. The girl whose hair had been pulled into a tight bun wasn't you. The girl whose eyes had been painted black to make you look dramatic wasn't you. You weren't here, maybe you were still stuck in the bi frost or perhaps you were still in James arms as the two of you danced on the street.  Wherever you were it sure as hell wasn't here.

"Darling it's time." Your mother said as she peeked in with her head through the door. At first she smiled when she was how beautiful the maidens had made you, but her smile faltered when she saw your face expression. There was a sadness caused by heartbreak that your mother knew far to well.

"Come on sweetheart, everything will be fine." She said and you felt her arms pull you in for a hug, the warmth your mother radiated felt like a safe blanket. You felt the tears sting in your eyes, but you couldn't cry because you were a princess. And a princess does her duty whatever it is, at least that's what one of the maiden had said to you. You knew that was bullshit, a princess couldn't be forced to marry someone, a princess should chose the man she wants to marry. Yet here you were, walking towards a future you didn't want. You guessed that made you a weak princess.

A couple minutes later

You were standing at the altar looking into the eyes of someone you would never love. The man was beautiful and perhaps that was what had made you agree to this marriage the first time. But you were a few experiences richer this time and you knew that there was more to love than beauty. You wondered what he saw when he looked into your eyes, did he see a future? Or was he just as miserable as you? 

The two of you said your vows and the priest asked if someone had any objections. Nobody said anything and the priest was just about to declare the two of you husband and wife when the door busted open.

"I have an objection, several actually! This is bizarre in every way possible but Y/N I can't let you marry this man when you have my heart." He was as beautiful as he had been in your thoughts, James was here. But so was your dad, and he didn't look to happy however your mother looked far too happy about this whole situation.

"James." That is the only thing you got to say before hell broke loose. People were screaming at each other, at you and at your father. The headmaster of the council screamed at you saying you obviously weren't a fit bride. Your dad yelled at him because he had yelled at you. You didn't care, you took one step, two steps, three, four, five, six and then you were in James arms.

"How are you here?

"Your mother got me here, she mentioned something about true love." He smiled as he said that, and it killed you. You felt the butterflies in your stomach and how the screamed at you to kiss him. So you did, when his lips met yours sparks flew, literally because after all you were Thors daughter.


Authors note:

This is just a quick something i wrote in boredom because I have gotten so many requests on a part two for thors daughter. I have not proofread it but I hope YOU will enjoy.

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