Thor's daughter

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Thor's daughter is bound to marry someone. That someone was picked when Thor's daughter was only five years old.
Thor's daughter is inlove with another man.

You are Thor's daughter.

When you were seven years old your mother had taken you to visit her old world. You had loved it there, all the bright colours, the sea, you had loved every inch of that world. When you had to return to your home you could not stop crying, you kept on crying for hours. Your father was heartbroken when he saw his little girl cry so he made you a promise, you would get to visit earth one time every year.
Your father held his promise and every year you got to see your favourite world and all it's spectacular things. You always went with your mother but this year it was different, your mother thought that you were old enough to go there alone which you did.

This very time you had chosen to visit New York since you had heard so much about the city from your mother. And she was right about all the things that she had said, the city was beautiful and every street surprised you with something new.

You walked into the neighbourhood that was very well know for it's luxorius apartments Upper East Side, when suddenly you bumped into someone.

" Oh my, I am so sorry !" You managed to get out while you were falling on to the ground.
While sitting on the pavement trying to wipe all of the dirt off your hands, a hand was reached out to you.

" I am very sorry Miss, I was in a rush and didn't look where I was going."

You looked up to see who it was and you got speechless. The man standing infront of you was utterly beautiful and all you could do was stare, stare at his magnificant face and all it's features. It took a while for you to remember the fact that his hand was still reached out to you and when you did, you didn't think twice before you took it.

" It's alright." You said while looking at your shoes, in the corner of your eye you could see that he was shaking his head so you looked up at him.

" It is never alright to hurt a woman, let me take you to a nice place where we can eat ?" You looked at him in surprise and all you could do was nod, how could you say no to a guy who was not only handsome but also a gentleman.

" I will meet you here at eight pm tonight, wear something nice." he said and smiled at you, he had started to walk away when you remembered that you didn't even know his name, you screamed at him to wait and ran up to him.

" Im Y/N !"

" Lovely name and I my love am James."

" Do you do this to all the girls you bump into ?" You joked and when he answered you got butterflies in your stomach.

" Only the ones that are beautiful."

Quick tip play Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran.

At eight pm that night you wear wearing a red dress, every time you walked the dress would dance around your feet. When you got to the place that you had bumped into James, he was already standing there with a bouquet of roses in his hands. A smile spread on his face when he saw you, when you finally were standing infront of him, he gave you the roses and told you that you looked beautiful.
He looked handsome aswell, but you didn't say that, instead you took his hand and asked where you were going. He said

" A beutiful resturant for a beautiful girl."

You looked up at him and smiled, and he did really make you feel beautiful. New York was even more beautiful at night, all the lights and all the people made the city look beautiful.
You walked past a couple of girls laughing so loud that it made The Empire State look small, you watched people dancing on the streets and you realized that this city represented all you had ever wanted freedom.

When the two of you were sitting at the resturant that was filled with people that were talking a little bit too loud and toasting glasses a bit to often, you glanced at James who was busy reading the menu and by just looking at him your stomach started to fill with guilt.
Here you were sitting with a handsome man that thought you were beautiful and yet you hadn't told him that you were getting married in four days.

" So how long are you staying in the city of dreams, love ?" It was indeed the city of dreams since you had met him, but it hurt your heart when you thought of ways to tell him.

" Actually tomorrow is my last day." His smile dropped and he was just about to say something when the waitor cam with our food. I started to eat but quickly noticed that he was not, so I looked up at him and gave him a encouraging smile.

" Oh come on then, the food won't eat you." He let out a small laugh as you said that and started to eat.

" Well I guess that we will have to make tomorrow an amazing day, when are you coming back ?" He had a small hope in his eyes and you felt bad knowing that you would crush his hopes.

" I am not, in fact there is something I need to tell you." He didn't answer but nodded so you kept going.

You told him about your family and where you came from, you told him everything from when you were little and to the day you found out that you were getting married. You told him that the marriage was arranged so that your dad could be sure that someone would be by your side to lead the world with you, when it came to that ofcourse. You also told him that you had not talked to your father for almost two weeks and that the last time you spoke was before you left for New York.
James listened patiently and never said a word, when you finished talking all you could feel was your beating heart.

" Well that was a lot to take in, love." You nodded and he continued.

" I have some thing I need to tell you to." Again you nodded and he started to tell you about his friend Steve and all their adventures, how he got captured by Hydra and that they made him the feared Winter Soldier. He told you about his recovery and about his metal arm that you hadn't even noticed due to his suit.
When he was finished all you could do was stare at him, all the informatin had almost made you fall of your chair.

He looked at you and you looked at him, the two of you bursted out laughing causing the whole resturant to turn their heads.

" I guess that we could say that we are in quite the situation." He said and all you could do was nod.

He stood up and grabbed your hand and before you could realize what he was doing , you were already running. You let out a laugh that was filled with joy as he dragged you out on the street, and to your surprise he started dancing to the music that was playing. You joined him and the two of you danced all night, you suddenly realized that this was love at first sight.
You were so happy and you couldn't imagine what would be able to ruin this but when you and James turned around to walk back , you got so surprised of who was standing infront of you that you almost fell.

" What are you doing here, dad ?"

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