Rainy Day- Steve

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It was raining outside and you sighed, usually you loved the rain but not today, you and Steve were supposed to meet eachother at a small cafe. You knew that he probably already had started walking but you were still inside , probably because you couldn't decide if you would stay inside and call him and say that you didn't want to go outside today or if you would go out and meet the love of your life on that cafe.
Obviously the second option was the most decent one, but you really didn't feel like getting all wet and sticky.
You put on your wellies, your raincoat and grabbed your umbrella then you walked outside and locked the door to your apartment. You coldn't stand him up, what kind of girlfriend would you be if you did, the coldhearted one.

As you started walking you noticed that it was not raining as much as you had thought, lets just say that you probably shouldn't have thought that. In a couple of seconds it was pouring down and you started running , trying to see something as your hair got all sticky and got stuck in your face.
You got pretty carried away in running and the talent of trying not to fall or get hit by a car, so you barely noticed when someone grabbed your hand and dragged you towards them. You were about to scream when you saw his face.

"Oh my god Steve, you scared the living shit out of me." He laughed and you could almost hear his thoughts.



"I am very sorry Y/N , but you ran past our cafe so I got a little bit worried and decided to run after you, as I always do." That cheeky bastard always said everything in such a cute way.

"I don't like the rain today, I feel wet and sticky." You said with a smile and he laughed while wrapping his strong arms around you.

"You look beautiful and I want to ask you something ?" You nodded and he continued.

"May I kiss you sticky girlfriend ?" You laughed and nodded.

His lips connected with yours and you forgot all about your stickiness and wrapped your arms around his neck. His lips were warm and he tasted like cofee and mints.
When you two had stopped kissing you took his hand and started running.

" Come on Captain ! We need to find us a new cafe !" , you sreamed at him while the both of you started to run, hand in hand.

You searched for a cafe in the rain for 45 minutes. It took so long because you paused for kisses every 30 seconds, and you spalshed water at eachother and at some point you just forgot what you were looking for because the only thing you could think in that moment was.

What could I possibly be looking for when my everything is right in front of me ?

Then you remembered how much you had been craving a bagel and thats when you found the prettiest cafe in the city, and if you ask the people that was in that cafe that day they will say that the couple that come in were the defination of love.


Hiya , this one was kind of cute right ? I however liked it and omg I just looked at the time and it is 2.55 pm and last time I checked it was like 2.15 where does the time go.
Well comment request and everything !
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