Cozy Day

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So this is basically what you two do on a cozy day.


On the cozy days , you and Steve usually layed on the couch wathing Tv and ate doritos. He usually layed behind you with one arm wrapped around you and the other one was the one he used to eat chips with. He would plant small kisses on your face and neck and then at some point he always started to tickle you which often led to a tickle war. And the tickle war often led to you two making out on the floor.


Since Bucky had a bit of a rough past, cozy days were special. He had a bit of a hard time adjusting from killing machine to cuddle machine. So usually you two sat on the couch and watched some stupid show and eventually he would wrap his arm around you and pull you closer. After a while you would be laying in his arms with your legs tangled togheter and he would plant kisses on your face every 30 seconds

A/N Oh how I would love to have a tickle war with someone ( maybe even a small makeout session ). I think these two turned out pretty good and I loved how cute the Steve one turned out to be.
Xo. Lisa

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